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meet Christin

I am 30- something years young. I was born in Germany but raised around the world as a "Military Brat" with my father and mother. I have a 9 year old, Josiah & a 4 year old, Amiliana. We currently live in Virginia. I love the beach and the city, & since I'm near both, it's pretty exciting! I love finding great deals, and being a "fashionista" at times! I love finding DIY to make and usually failing. 
I have two companies that I have a passion for which are Thirty-One and Christin's Creations. I don't claim to be the best at anything but I'm here to take you on my journey through trail and error! I love making new friends & I hope you stick around!

I started blogging a few years ago and I stopped after Millie was about 6 months. I thought I would try to start blogging again this year and finally took the leap and here I am! 

 TWITTER - @LoveChristin_

meet Josiah

Josiah is 9 years old. He is a rambunctious, energetichyper, crazy, silly, little boy! He loves playing video games, or on his Ipad. He also loves the beach and Fortnite.

meet Amiliana 

Millie for short, is 4 years old and loves playing with her baby alive dolls and happy meals. She is as snappy as can be. I call her my little sour patch kid! 

She is obsessed with putting on dresses and having her hair in pig tails. 

Unknown said...

Hey! Thanks for coming over and seeing me! I hope we can keep in touch!


Samantha said...

I know I just commented on your post today, but I just read this and have to comment again. I was born in Germany too! I was an army brat and my family landed in Virginia when my dad got out! What a coincidence!

Love Christin said...

I'm just now seeing this! that is a crazy coincidence!! I am following you now GFC.. hope to keep in touch! <3

V. Nino said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Funny, but I am guest blogging on "To the Sea"'s blog on Monday, and it is about growing up as an Army Brat :)I spent the best portion of my life in Germany :)

Make sure you check it out because there will be a giveaway!

Unknown said...

Hey! love your blog alot! I've been all over it and its so colorful with lots of energy! Found you through the blog hop and i'm your new follower! come see me sometime!

Kelsey Eaton said...

What a cute little man you have! I'm your newest follower! Excited to read some more posts.


Deanna Lyn said...

New follower from fri blog hop. i love your blog!
you can visit me at

Lisa said...

new follower right hurr! i saw marcy post on IG about her guest vlog! so far, i am in love!

Amila said...

New follower via Aloha Friday hop,you have a beautiful blog...

Samantha said...

Hi Christin! I found your blog today! Clicked your ad because of your SUPER CUTE title.

The first thing I read was your blurb about you & how you're "addicted to diet coke".

Did you know that "diet" coke actually makes you gain weight because your body can't process aspartame (the fake sugar used in diet coke) correctly?

Also, caffeine + aspartame combined kill your brain cells. Right before they die, there is a burst of "happy!!!" feeling which is what addicts you.

Please be careful what you drink!


Syndal said...

your little man is adorable!