Thursday, January 31, 2013

It's's the "Almost Friday" Thursday Blog Hop

 It's Almost Friday, and personally at this point maybe I should just stop celebrating Thursdays...I work every weekend anyways. yep C shift again this week. lol I'm at work bored, so i guess i can do my It's ok Thursday post with Amber @ Brunch with Amber & Neely @ A Complete waste of Make up 
Its Ok Thursdays
 it's ok.....
....that I painted my nails yesterday at work -- btw i love this color an IG friend sent me the other day all way from Canada! (my first) Barry M. "nude" trying to stop my consumption of fast food and as i'm typing it as one of my 5for FIVE goals, i order it anyways...smfh

....that im settling at my job, because i really hate starting at new places.

...that you lie to your 3 year old that RARELY eats hamburger meat, that it's bacon on bread                                                           BUAHAHA
 yeah buddy he tore that "bacon" up!

....that i can't decide whether to file my taxes online and get all my refund money, or at a car dealership (doubled) and have no extra money but have a brand new car~!! ughhh decisions decisions. damn being an adult! want to be 16 again. and go back to your bad girl ways {reow} & not have responsibilities (even though you love your son, Im jus sayin) LOL with that being said......

....It is throwback Thursday {and well} i'm in the mood to reminisce & show you baby pictures, NOT MINE THO.... my sons. so here they are ;)

{Josiah} born Nov. 17, 2009

first bath

first Christmas
duck face! lol

 put yo hands up again!


 his infamous look "the rock eye"

i could share soooooooo (and i'm not exaggerating!) many more pictures... and it was hard to stop and just these LOL  my baby was too damn cute!


get your party ON,  go over and follow these lovely ladies! And if your here from the blog hop, WELCOME!! =) 

If you love mustaches, crazy shit, honey boo boo, drunk everything, and a sucker for a  beautiful lady, you should stick around tomorrow I have a guest comin to take over my blog!!! and boy leme tell you how excited i am, i even wore my mustache shirt yesterday for HER!
&& if you are easily offended, by ANYTHING --- i wouldn't read !

well i'm out til Monday!
Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Superbowl Pinteresting

I know... I did Valentines day pins TODAY too  ! but with me not thinking and stressing out about other things---plus neither one of these are my team--- i forgot all about the Super Bowl! So here are my pins for
this years -


well im out of here! i have some work to do, more like games to play on my phone. i'm so bored that's why i pinned some more! be sure to meet me back here tomorrow for my link up party with Morgan @ Quite The Blog "Almost Friday, Thursday Blog Hop" ! see ya then!

Love is in the air!!!

i can't believe Valentines day is right around the corner! okay.. we still have like two and a half weeks, but still! I never thought i'd be this much into valentines day that i am right now! family is going great, blogging world is great, pinterest is great! lol so with that being said....
linking up with these ladies for what im lovin, and oh how pinteresting! 

what i'm loving ...

76 followers! ! I'm too excited and Friday ill be having a guest post!  Yeah buddy.. I can't wait for that! The mustache queen will be in the building! 

and these on pinterest.. 

these are all great ideas!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Guest Speakers?

I am so new to blogging, and i have been taking a look at some of my posts and hey to be honest, i look really boring, because all of my posts are kinda layed out the same for every day. lol! Sorry for that & this is why i want to [not link up every week to my linky parties] just every other week, and also do some guest posts!
 I am pretty sure that my 75 readers (which im ecstatic to have gotten that many in the past month of blogging BTW!!!!) want to see some change in my posts! and what better way to do that then have other people write my blog posts for me! if you would be interested please comment your email.
 If you know what your doing.... let me know that as well lol  { & hey } if you've never done a blog guest posts before we can both start together here!! =)

This weekend....

was a damn mess! snow was in the way, work was in the way! I just couldn't catch a break!
I did go out Saturday night for my mother's birthday! Happy Birthday!!!!! i was so bored where we went, and spent a lot of money that shouldn't have been spent eating and drinking. SMH whatever, can't dwell on it now lol. here are my pictures ...
// Friday \\
LMAO yes those are socks on his hands... He wont wear gloves - he likes the socks?!?

we actually had enuff snow to play in! He made this all on his own!
 stripes always make me look fat
 painted my nails with color changing polish sent from one of my IG Canadian buddies!
i found not a professional hair dyer lol  
so i decided to drive in this mess to come to work! almost died in the process because people don't know how to drive!
 at work bored...

 // Saturday \\
father and son matching (well almost matching) PJ's I got them for Christmas, they had a boys night with the xbox, movies and probably the ipad while the ladies went out..
my lovely sister in Germany brought me these shoes last year! I love them!
 Plaza for chips n dip, & can't forget the margarita !

 i look like a ghost
my cousin Gary and I
 my cuz can sing!
ok y'all ...this is my mother! Meet Connie! she doesn't drink and she quit smoking like over 5 years ago! and this is just was her birthday - don't judge !
 LMAO funny right? I have a feeling she has smoked a blunt at least once in her life! LOL 
and by the way im really upset that my mother && i didn't take any pictures together..

// Sunday \\
I was at work, my mom, son and boyfriend came to visit & brought me dinner - how freakin sweet! yum...chili!
 &I told my mom about how i couldn't believe we didn't get a picture together, everyone had selfies and with everyone else but not one of just me and her! SAD i know ( so she decided ) to put back on her shirt and I put back on my jacket...and take a picture together when i get off work!  HAHA She knew it was for my blog and little things like that is why i love her! 


last weeks goals ; 
 1. WORK OUT TWICE - fail- as my son would say ( OH WELL!! ) so i WONT be putting this goal up anymore for the time being lol im tired of seeing it myself. I think i definitely work out enough daily just by being at work, and running after my child..i'll try to get my workout on once in a while, so i'll just stick with the Weigh In Wednesday if you want to see any of my weight loss ! =)
2. SUNDAY MEAL PLAN, GROCERY SHOP & COOKIN - yeah me and my mom did this.
3. DON'T SPEND ANY MONEY - wow! i totally did not do this.. i actually spent about 100 extra dollars on things i did not have to... food drinks, and well maybe i did have to but not as much as i did. it was my mom's b-day so i took her to get herself a pedi and her eyes brows done!
4. FIND A NEW JOB! - alright so I don't know whats going on but i think my boss reads my blog? haha first he asked me if i was looking for a new job and told me he didn't want to lose me.. and told me about a promotion i could possibly get. he has already told me about this like two months ago - and then his boss gave the job to someone else but that was a fail... so i am really just hoping that i can get this promotion.
5. DRINK MORE WATER - i drank more at work, & all day Sunday! I'm proud of myself =)

 goals for this week ;
1. GET MY CAR OUT OF THE SHOP - whomp! yeah i have to waste $100 to get my car out of the shop... and it still won't be fixed! i just hope my insurance will cover my tow again!! =/
2. GET MY TAXES DONE - I really hope and pray that my unemployment paperwork comes in the mail to get my taxes done! anyone can be excited about this time of the year! I need it for a new car!!
3. SHOP FOR VALENTINES DAY - i have mail to be sent out and i also want to plan something for me and Joe...cuz HE definitely wont do it LOL
 4. DON'T EAT FAST FOOD THIS WEEK - it CAN'T be that hard?!?!?!? -__-
5. DO A RANDOM ACT O KINDNESS! - i've been seeing this one go around and i want to do it as well I can't wait to help someone else! maybe while i'm doing my Valentines day shopping!

there ya have it... its Monday but try to enjoy your day! =P i had an egg sammich for lunch now about to get ready for work.... whomp
but at least i get to read about every ones weekends!
holla im out
oh im going to link up with 
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