Tuesday, January 22, 2013

This Weekend I...

So I had this whole post almost finished but didnt publish it yet again! better late then never right??!!
My goals for last week-
1. WORK OUT ONCE THIS WEEK! - yes, & I (well my mom) have pictures to prove it! =) did Zumba and just dance.
thanks mom...
2. FIND OUT ABOUT SCHOOL- Josiah got sick, too much was going on.. I even forgot about this goal -__-
3. PLAN DINNER MEALS OUT- yessss, calender right here. this website is great. Has a lot of other printable as well!
4. DON'T SPEND ANY MONEY THIS WEEK- I had to send out nail mail that I promised & also Josiah has been a picky eater lately, and with him being three....I will give him whatever he wants at this point!
5.  GET ON PINTEREST MORE & TRY AT LEAST TWO NEW RECIPES- me and my mom both did this! 

Ok... my goals for this week-

1. WORK OUT TWICE - why not shoot for two times this week? lol
2. SUNDAY MEAL PLAN, GROCERY SHOP & COOKIN - I came across a great idea. It helps save *time, money, and its easy* Making breakfast or any other meal you want on Sundays, freeze them until time comes, heat the food up.. for instance. My son loves Pancakes... sometimes he wants them at 10 at night. So I go to the store, to get him pancakes, which gets expensive... avoiding that from now on I will save money & time by making them each Sunday (if there aren't any left over from the week before)  
3. DON'T SPEND ANY MONEY - I seriously have to stick with this.. I desperately need a new car & I need to save up for that expensive ASS down payment!!! whew excuse my french!
4. FIND A NEW JOB! - just found out that I work overnight shift on the weekend again for the next three weeks... this will make a month and half my weekends are fuckin gone! Im fed up!!!! if you can't tell! -_-


1// worked  2// I watched a lot of TV! I love my shows! 3// played in the snow ! Josiah rather 4//  put my car in the shop (again) 5// went to D.C.

 it snowed while I was at work... Thursday night

 he had fun
story of my life bro! bye bye car -__-
you see why i'm so upset.. Full tank of gas and the POS broke..SMH
 we toasted our egg rolls...LOL
at work my mocha frappe! over night shift trying to make it better -__-
China Glaze - Its a Trap-eze sent to me  by a Instagram FRIEND!!
i may look stupid but it kept me warm!! lol
 this was the blow out

1// Aren't you tired of seeing number one?! Because I know I am! & I think I know just the cure! I'm calling out the next weekend I get a chance! I'm so frustrated with my job, that I could literally quit at this point! But don't tell them that, i really do still need my job  -_____-  I've been here almost a year! you would think I'd have SOME say in what my schedule looked like.... NO I tell them Mornings are convenient for me and I dont want to work every damn weekend but does that matter? apparently not.. I'll just have to do some job searching and make sure when filling out the application Monday-Fri 8-5! 
2// I watched and/or tried to catch up with all of my shows, Revenge, Teen Mom, Bad Girls Club. I just started watching this show Catfish. Its pretty interesting because I know that I have to talked (in the past when AIM was the shhhiet) to people for months on end, and they would never want to call or whatever! I'm over that stage in my life lol  & it seems like everybody on the show... is a fake.. go figure. lol the only intense part is watching them figure out if its a fake or not by Google picture searching. I pretty much fast forward thru them hahaha also the Carrie Diaries, while the weather knocked the CABLE out, I don't know how it was recorded on my DVR, BTW, I started watching it. It looks alright, when I'm out of my usual shows to watch. =)
3// Josiah woke up Friday morning, looked out the window and said "it's snowing, I got to go play in the snow!" As he is walking down the stairs he says "It's Christmas outside !" Me and my mom bout pissed on ourselves And I mean that ! LOL The snow wasn't deep enough for much and it was rock hard. He was pretty upset about that but it was a great 10 Minutes ... yeah it was too damn cold so I bribed him to come inside, with pancakes.... lol
4// I'm tired of hearing about my car too! I really wish that i could afford a brand new one already!!!!
5// wow so let me tell you guys about my great day in Washington DC!!! first off let me remind I called out of work, We ( my mom, Josiah, my cousin and my nephew) planned on going to the Zoo. Yes it was Obama's inauguration speech & Martin Luther King Jr's B-day but we didn't care, we were going to the parade and then the zoo! So we start driving then, we blow a tire....hasn't even been 100 miles and we blew a tire... but we continued... Got a rental and towed my moms truck back home, 3 hours later we were on our way again. We figured everything with Obama was over with so we proceeded to the Zoo. NOPE. Nothing was done, road blocks everywhere!! I mean doesn't Obama live there wth was all this about?!?! LOL  To make a long story short we LITERALLY drove around for THREE more hours! so It's 4:30 o'clock we finally find parking 2 miles away. I was pretty sure the Zoo was closed at this point. So we walked to take a few pictures, and enjoy  5 dollar hotdog! -_- 

Well I'm out. I need a cigarette!!!! ahh