Wednesday, January 16, 2013

oh how pinteresting

When life hands you lemons, 
just stick'em in your bra 
and make your BOOBS 
look bigger.

Happy Hump Day! 
true that

  hey life is too short for matching socks lol
I must confess I didn't work out too much lately. It's a really bad habit! I know you guys are tired of me saying it & I really see it now that I blog about it almost every day LOL. I really wanted to work out Monday & Tuesday but with Josiah sick and a full time job... that's hard. In my goals for this week (5forFIVE)I told myself I would work out at  least once. I will do it y'all will see! My promise to y'all is to work out today!!

On a good note---- Josiah may still b sick (inside) but he def IS NOT ACTING SICK! Yep my hyper little 3 year old is back and full effect! whew also I have today off and its raining outside so there is nothing to do....BUT WORKOUT =)

& Always WILL!

my poor sick                   baby



Source: via 'Bobbi on Pinterest

Source: via June on Pinterest


even though I say my next one, will never have a passy!