Thursday, April 30, 2015

Traveling with BIG KIDS & NEWBORNS

In the beginning of the month we went on a trip to Tennessee.. 

So in this post I will explain what bags & goodies we have packed for our kids and the adults on this 10, but really 13 hour CAR RIDE. And also What I forgot and meant to pack! ;)

Of course I got my bags from my 31 business ; I couldn't wait to share them! 

Let's start with the newborn, she is fairly easy!

DIAPER BAG - OBVIOUSLY right? this should include your main everyday trip necessities, but packing it triple time for the whole 13 hours. If baby eats every 4 hours, you should probably pack about 3+ bottles and enough for formula and water bottles, etc. I would bring a whole package of diapers & wipes, since were not cloth diapering yet. Bibs, receiving blankets, and pacifiers.

TEETHING TOYS - Since I've been sewing, I have plenty of these laying around! (and this is one of the things I forgot, but momma didn't forget her sewing machine!)

VIDEOS & APPS - She is just like her brother when it comes to watching TV or watching something on the ipad.. Anything loud and colorful will get her attention. I love being able to let her watch these things AND Josiah actually come in a join her watching them! I LOVE that he is into all these baby shows instead of Spongebob (but that's for another post LOL) 

DIY Paci Leash! (& Pacifier) - Even if you don't know how to sew, INVEST in one of these! Ask a friend, please! She loves this paci leash and EVERY ribbon on it! And obviously the pacifier is a must. Going through mountains will KILL your ears! 

Now let's jump right into the BIG KID -

SNACKS!!! - I can't stress this one enough. Nobody wants to stop every 30 minutes! I think everyone can agree this is brilliant for road trips!

Travel with Lego's -  I just used an old wipe case and put in the Lego's and it would be great for any trip! 

Josiah's Big Brother bag - these are the things I would have liked to pack, but most didn't go in his bag and he really didn't do anything other then watch movies and playing on his Ipad... whomp I should have really known this was going to happen!!

On OUR trip, all they really did was watch t.v. eat and sleep. I was almost fully prepared this time! My kids were pretty easy to please. This was about 10 hour trip.

I also didn't get many pictures from the trip ... I drove most of the time, or was cranky from being tired LOL 

How do you handle long car rides? and with kids?!

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Amiliana 4 Months!

16 Weeks/4 months ; 04.17.15
lbs oz
23 inches

Hydrocordazone was prescribed for her eczema and it was cleared up but now it's not doing too much. So we got the oil that we got for Josiah. It's expensive but it's already working! 
Fits in 3-6 months.
She is in size 2 diapers fully now. We have started cloth diapering during the day because we don't have that many. I've also come to dislike prefolds and

She is still eating 4 (sometimes 4 1/2) ounces every 3-5 hours.  It's usually regular and during the night she is sleeping in 5-6 hour stretches. On our vacation she did wake up once in the night but that was because we were giving her last bottle around 8pm. Usually we feed her last bottle before we go to bed around 11-12 am. 

We did start eating solids this past week! I'm going to stick with one food for about 4-5 days to see how she reacts. Her first food was CARROTS!

 **Here is a little photo shoot of her first meal!**
Sorry for the crappy phone pictures

We still have her in her rocker to sleep in. Sometimes she really fights her sleep so of course my mom holds her to get to sleep... then she puts her down. This is not an "all the time" thing so let's hope once we get her in her crib she will get better at falling asleep on her own. She also falls asleep during her 8 o'clock feeding. We lay her down then gently feed her and change her butt again around 11-12 before we go to sleep. 

Nap Time
She takes about 3 naps during the day. They vary, sometimes and most of the time they are for about 30 minutes to an hour. She wakes up around 6-7am then goes back for a nap around 10am. Wakes up eats then plays until about 1pm. That is second nap. Wakes up to eat again around 2-3pm. Takes another nap around 5-6pm then is out for the night around 8-9pm. We are not a set routine. No day is the same.. Especially with me working different shifts everyday and my mom being around her. 

She is trying to sit up all the time.
She is blabbing longer and more.
She is getting a tooth. It's def there. Her gum is so white.

She is a halfway roller. 

Colorful toys & Tag Paci Leash!!! 
HER brother
Pulling her hair
Bath time

Being swaddled *& she always gets out of it!*

Since being out of town she has done the 'colicky' thing a few times. Now I'm starting to think it's all the excitement we put her through during the day and she is just over tired or maybe it's the 'gas'. We did try a new formula that actually stopped her crying spurts but she was really gassy and spit up like every hour. So we put her back on her regular Similac Sensitive. She hasn't done the crying spurt YET... and I'm hoping that we can keep it that way. I'm really just glad that even when she does cry like this, my mom is there to help me calm her down.

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Monday, April 27, 2015

Weekly Wishes

HEY EVERYONE! It's Monday and posting on the right day! I know that we aren't linking up anymore but this is really for my satisfaction and maybe one day I'll find another blog to link up with. 

The Nectar Collective

Last week's wishes;

2. WORK OUT - AT LEAST ONE TIME! - I guess walking the 5K counts right?!
3. MAKE ANOTHER ROMPER - Failed. BUT I made my own twist on Maxaloons!!!! 

They aren't perfect and seams are showing but they are so cute and at least I tried!!! I just have to get this down before I make another pair and waste fabric.. I'm a fabric hoarder and now I'm very nervous to WASTE IT LOL

4. GET READY FOR 5K COLOR RUN -  I got ready and we had a blast til about 5 minutes to the end when Josiah's foot started hurting! but other then that, I made our tutus and every got messy! (except for baby)

5. DON'T SPEND ANY EXTRA MONEY - SO I ended up having to spend like 100 bucks on a few extra things this weekend. Like on my car tags that I forgot were due. and Medication for something that popped up. THEN also I had to have more fabric ^_^ LOL 

This week's wishes; 

1. FINISH BLOG POSTS/ BLOG TWICE THIS WEEK - not including this post. I need to stay on track with myself! 
3. FIND SOME GIVEAWAYS TO ADD TO THE BLOG - I feel like that is where I got most of my readers from, and I'd love to jump back into it! 
4. SELL SOME THINGS ONLINE - I need money so I need to sell some things! I NEED to save for a Serger!!!! 
5. LEARN HOW TO USE MY CAMERA! - I paid 500 bucks for this camera I NEED TO learn how to use it! 


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Thursday, April 23, 2015

DIY Seatbelt Cover

I made these on my trip because on my way to TN, the seat belt kept cutting my neck! I was tired of it and had to make something fast. These covers are not only great for seat belts but for any straps that you have! Works great for that Large utility tote that you use in the grocery store.

What you'll need; 
2 pieces of coordinating fabric 8x8" *I used Flannel and terry cloth so it wasn't too bulky
Extra things - Pins & Iron

Start by cutting and then pinning your two pieces of fabric right side together.

I believe they say to leave a 1/4 seam allowance, but I don't measure, I just sew as far as I can around the edges.. After sewing a straight stitch, leave about a 2 inch hole for turning.

Cut your edges with shearing scissors.

Clip the corners close enough to not touch the stitch..

Turn & iron flat.  Pin the raw edges and sew around the them to give it a finished look. While I'm sewing closed my 2 inch hole, I add the Velcro. I did this because on the other side the stitch will show and it just makes it look neater. Finish by going around the entire piece of Velcro. 

*Note- next time I make these I will have used a zig zag stitch to ensure no fraying and it really makes it look better. I would suggest it! 

Then add the matching Velcro to the opposite side. Again going around all sides of the Velcro.

Then there ya have it! 

I made a few more that day, for my mom's car and for a friend! 

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Weekly Wishes

Here we go again! another week has passed and I'm so late to the link-up AGAIN! lol

It's sad to hear that weekly wishes is retiring. It was kind of my way of staying on track but I know how life can get in the way... of anything, really. I will find another one and stay on track y'all!

The Nectar Collective

Last week's Wishes;


I even made a romper!! I'm so proud of myself. 

2. GET MY LAWYER DISCOUNT AND CALL THE LAWYER - Still haven't gotten a call back from them. I will call today for sure!! 
3. WORK OUT 3 TIMES THIS WEEK - I didn't work out because I was cramping but I will this week! 
5. DON'T EAT JUNK FOOD/DRINK AT LEAST 3 BOTTLES OF WATER A DAY! I can say I have been trying, but being on a budget and being out & about all the time, it's really hard to not eat fast food! I have been good about drinking water, let's keep up that at least! 

This week's wishes;

1. FINISH BLOG POSTS - I have about 4 of them that I need to edit and complete. It's always like that, but when I get home, it's hard to take the time to get them finished. I usually can finish them at work as long as google uploads my pictures! ughhh It's frustrating at times.
2. WORK OUT - AT LEAST ONE TIME! - I have the weekend off... seriously, I can do this!
3. MAKE ANOTHER ROMPER - I have so much fabric that is all stuffed into my Thirty-One bags, that I can't find the one I'm looking for! That takes time to move it all and put it back!! LOL
4. GET READY FOR 5K COLOR RUN -  I am totally not prepared. My legs feel swollen and this is another reason I need to work out this week! This will be my first run EVER! I'm nervous and excited. I kind of want to make me and my mom tutus!!! HAHAHA
5. DON'T SPEND ANY EXTRA MONEY - I need to get back to doing this. I've just been splurging my money like there is no tomorrow. 

What goals do you have? Hopefully I can get mind done in a half of a week and maybe I'll post this on a Monday =P

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Weekly Wishes

Sooooo apparently {that's my new saying} This is post when I *thought* I had it scheduled! don't you hate when that happens!
Here it is Wednesday and just now posting. oh well!

Happy Hump Day y'all! 

The Nectar Collective

  Last week's Wishes;

1. START GOING TO THE GYM AT LEAST 2 TIMES A WEEK - I was out of town but still running around like a chicken with my head cut off.. but no working out =(
2. START SEWING AT LEAST 2 TIMES A WEEK - Even being out of town I worked on some really cute seat belt covers out of terry cloth and flannel!!! 

3. CALL MY LAWYER  - of course I called them back on Tuesday afternoon and they didn't answer or call me back yet! 

  This week's Wishes;

1. SEW A DRESS - I'm going to grow some balls this week!!! I want to start making her summer dresses AND I will do START that this week! 
2. GET MY LAWYER DISCOUNT AND CALL THE LAWYER - I cut them of like a few months ago b/c they were taking forever on my case, now the lawyer says they got a number from my insurance company. Pray it's a big number!!! LOL
3. WORK OUT 3 TIMES THIS WEEK - there are no if, ands, buts about it. this needs to be done. I don't care if I have to go by myself. All my friends say they want to go with me, but END up NEVER going. Well I am. Especially for 40 bucks a month... please believe! 
4. STAY ON BUDGET - this means no EXTRA spending on fabric, food, bags NOTHING!  
5. DON'T EAT JUNK FOOD/DRINK AT LEAST 3 BOTTLES OF WATER A DAY! - this is must. I know I don't drink a lot of water and it doesn't help when trying to lose weight. I want to get back to my PRE-Pregnancy weight. (don't laugh) which is 120 and I'm at 170 NOW! 

This weekend I......

I did everything (in the last two weeks)! I can't even believe it LOL I have been so busy the past few weeks. It's nuts!! I never thought that being a parent of two and trying to have my own life would be THIS hard. I'm so grateful for my mom though! It's Sunday night and I'm at work. I was told not to come in today, then he called again (YEP I answered like a dummy) and asked me to come in. SO here I am.... BORED out of my mind. Writing this post for you! =) 

My Easter was alright! We had somethings happen to a baby in the house (his hand got stuck in the treadmill) and some other drama, but I had a blast relaxing with family and friends for the week. Amiliana got so spoiled, and Josiah played the game most all of the time! 

I won't fill you up with too many pictures but just a preview of our week in pictures =)

AND of course I had mommy time! 

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