Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Amiliana 4 Months!

16 Weeks/4 months ; 04.17.15
lbs oz
23 inches

Hydrocordazone was prescribed for her eczema and it was cleared up but now it's not doing too much. So we got the oil that we got for Josiah. It's expensive but it's already working! 
Fits in 3-6 months.
She is in size 2 diapers fully now. We have started cloth diapering during the day because we don't have that many. I've also come to dislike prefolds and

She is still eating 4 (sometimes 4 1/2) ounces every 3-5 hours.  It's usually regular and during the night she is sleeping in 5-6 hour stretches. On our vacation she did wake up once in the night but that was because we were giving her last bottle around 8pm. Usually we feed her last bottle before we go to bed around 11-12 am. 

We did start eating solids this past week! I'm going to stick with one food for about 4-5 days to see how she reacts. Her first food was CARROTS!

 **Here is a little photo shoot of her first meal!**
Sorry for the crappy phone pictures

We still have her in her rocker to sleep in. Sometimes she really fights her sleep so of course my mom holds her to get to sleep... then she puts her down. This is not an "all the time" thing so let's hope once we get her in her crib she will get better at falling asleep on her own. She also falls asleep during her 8 o'clock feeding. We lay her down then gently feed her and change her butt again around 11-12 before we go to sleep. 

Nap Time
She takes about 3 naps during the day. They vary, sometimes and most of the time they are for about 30 minutes to an hour. She wakes up around 6-7am then goes back for a nap around 10am. Wakes up eats then plays until about 1pm. That is second nap. Wakes up to eat again around 2-3pm. Takes another nap around 5-6pm then is out for the night around 8-9pm. We are not a set routine. No day is the same.. Especially with me working different shifts everyday and my mom being around her. 

She is trying to sit up all the time.
She is blabbing longer and more.
She is getting a tooth. It's def there. Her gum is so white.

She is a halfway roller. 

Colorful toys & Tag Paci Leash!!! 
HER brother
Pulling her hair
Bath time

Being swaddled *& she always gets out of it!*

Since being out of town she has done the 'colicky' thing a few times. Now I'm starting to think it's all the excitement we put her through during the day and she is just over tired or maybe it's the 'gas'. We did try a new formula that actually stopped her crying spurts but she was really gassy and spit up like every hour. So we put her back on her regular Similac Sensitive. She hasn't done the crying spurt YET... and I'm hoping that we can keep it that way. I'm really just glad that even when she does cry like this, my mom is there to help me calm her down.

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