Thursday, April 23, 2015

DIY Seatbelt Cover

I made these on my trip because on my way to TN, the seat belt kept cutting my neck! I was tired of it and had to make something fast. These covers are not only great for seat belts but for any straps that you have! Works great for that Large utility tote that you use in the grocery store.

What you'll need; 
2 pieces of coordinating fabric 8x8" *I used Flannel and terry cloth so it wasn't too bulky
Extra things - Pins & Iron

Start by cutting and then pinning your two pieces of fabric right side together.

I believe they say to leave a 1/4 seam allowance, but I don't measure, I just sew as far as I can around the edges.. After sewing a straight stitch, leave about a 2 inch hole for turning.

Cut your edges with shearing scissors.

Clip the corners close enough to not touch the stitch..

Turn & iron flat.  Pin the raw edges and sew around the them to give it a finished look. While I'm sewing closed my 2 inch hole, I add the Velcro. I did this because on the other side the stitch will show and it just makes it look neater. Finish by going around the entire piece of Velcro. 

*Note- next time I make these I will have used a zig zag stitch to ensure no fraying and it really makes it look better. I would suggest it! 

Then add the matching Velcro to the opposite side. Again going around all sides of the Velcro.

Then there ya have it! 

I made a few more that day, for my mom's car and for a friend! 

Keep up with me & Let me know your here!