Friday, November 28, 2014

What's In MY Hospital Bag{s}

Josiah was an induced birth but when I went to the hospital, I had no idea what to bring. So I didn't really bring anything. LOL If I left something at home (like my charger) I had someone run home and get it for me. I came in clothes that I left in and if I needed something, like food, I had someone go get it for me. This time I want to make it as easy for and them as possible! Another reason is because I am delivering in another city. It's about 30 minutes away, NOT including if there is traffic ion the tunnel.

I searched the internet and found a million and one things. BOY I SHOULD NOT have done that! Let's talk about over whelming! I know there are the obvious things to bring and not bring, but these lists sure where looking like things I needed to have with me! 

I will try to have this back packed before I am 37 weeks (which is today!) so if I did think of anything random later on, I could definitely pack it in there. I'm hoping not to take the whole house though I can't promise anything!

Before even starting this list, I did call the hospital and ask if they had a list. They had a very short list of the obvious main things, important information, socks robe, blah blah... I know last time they provided me with things, I just want to be sure that they will this time too. I have been to the Hospital for the labor and Delivery Tour. But I forgot everything LOL 

Of course I got my bags from my 31 business ; I couldn't wait to share them! I'm basically going to break down what I put in each bag. Are you ready?! 

The Retro Metro Weekender - 
FOLDER WITH IMPORTANT INFORMATION//  A picture ID (driver's license or other ID for each person in the room), your insurance card, and any hospital paperwork you need, & your birth plan, if you have one. (I do not as of right now)

TOILETRIES//  because you'll still need to brush your teeth ;) deodorant, soap, brush, lip balm, itWorks Stretch mark cream =) Everything travel size is perfect! (courtesy of my hotel... hahaha) 

PADS//  Usually the hospital will give you what you need. But every hospital is different. I'll pack these as a just in case. I'm going to need a few for the trip home, anything can happen!

HAIR TIES/BOBBY PINS!!!//  I swear when I'm in need, I can never find them. I bought a pack just for this trip!

EYEGLASSES//  if you wear them. Even if you usually wear contact lenses, those could be a hassle while you're in the hospital.

CLOTHES//  Socks, tennis shoes, & flip flops. I am also bring a robe and slipper. Underwear that you don't mind getting messed up. Jacket and hat and scarf. Everything is the same for him, since he will be staying with you!

NURSING SUPPLIES//  That includes the nipple shield, nursing cover and breast pads. I will keep my breast pump in the car, but she will be latching every time I see her ;) Also I will be wear Tank tops, to nurse her. I didn't spend money on a nursing bra for my son, I won't do it for her either. The shirts worked just fine!!!. And the biggest thing the Boppy pillow.

Mini Zipper Pouch -
MAKE-UP BAG//  I don't usually wear too much make-up anyways but I'll be sure to have right next to me. =)

The Metro Retro Rolling Weekender - 

PILLOWS AND BLANKETS// I want to be comfy and so does the person staying with me! 

CAMERA// with batteriescharger, and memory card.  As well as phones, laptop and all according chargers! Last time we were pretty bored in our down-time. This should eliminate that problem. ^_^

This bag will also include his clothes. Since it will be easy to get to.

Lunch Break Thermal -

CASH & SNACKS// I'm going to want something to eat. So will Joe, but when he isn't going to run out and get me something every time... I will have my Lunch break Thermal and some cash to save me! Obviously I can't pack col items in here two weeks out, but I will try to remember to put my freezer pops and other things like that to make my labor easier....for every one hahaha   ;)


Although Josiah, won't be able to stay with me in the room during the night. He may be able to stay in a hotel above the hospital, if my mother can take off work, which I'm sure she can and WILL lol

PICTURES// I heard having photos of your other children so that when they visit you and the baby, they will see that you haven't forgotten them. This should be a nice gesture.

GIFTS FOR BOTH KIDS// I am planning on having Josiah make baby girl a teddy bear and also have a gift from her to him. I think this will be very special and I can't wait to see his face.

HIS BIG BROTHER BAG// Will consist of... 

Baby Girl's Diaper Bag -

For accidents that may happen on the way home, I will be sure to pack little ones diaper bag accordingly. I got this beauty from my Baby Sprinkle from my Best friend Lindsey! I told everyone I had more then enough diaper bags, but who am I kidding?! You can never have enough bags

  • The Car Seat 
  • Diapers - Since I'm still on the fence about diapers and cloth diapers I am bringing both! 
  • 2 sleepers / 2 outfits and 1 going home outfit - I will be sure to have newborn and 0-3 months because you never know how big or small she will be! 
  • Blankets - Blankets!! since it'll be real cold outside
  • A Bib
  • Burp Clothes
  • A Pacifier 
  • Swaddle blanket
  • Socks, Hat and Gloves; since it's cold outside!
The only thing I packed for Josiah was the going home outfit. That's because most of the time, hospitals give you everything you need. During the cold months they give your baby hats and receiving blankets. They usually provide enough newborn diapers for the three days you stay. And they also give you a few shirts for the baby. 

I've had a little help with all these other pregnant blogger mommies that I love to read each week, by the way!! 

What did you pack in your bag? Did you have more then one, like me?!

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

My Christmas Wish List

I know I know, I'm too old (27 isn't really that old) to be getting gifts still.... but its a tradition in our house to actually have a huge Christmas. I hope this continues til I'm at least 40! hahaha The adults usually buy each other 2-4 presents. Doesn't have to be huge, and more then likely no one asks for anything like crazy big. 

This year, I am getting my self the Canon EOS Rebel T5 from Walmart.... on Black Friday ... dun dun dun! 

Yes I am going to go out in the madness! I know I'm crazy for that too. and I work the next morning but oh well. I think I am used to working with no sleep right now. AND at least someone will be working with me so I don't have to do everything. I am going to buy this for MYSELF. More for the baby, because she and Josiah are about to be my models. Mommy needs money! 

1. Boots ; I always have boots, I have like 20 pair at home, but these.. I love them! You can wear them two ways and I really can't wait to be in my pre-pregnancy clothes and just wearing what I want!! These run about $20-50 dollars on sale! 

2. Curling Iron ; I know this can be found at simple stores, but since it's Christmas time, why not ask someone else for it???!!! I had a favorite curling iron and I can't find it. It just disappeared. It will probably come up when I get this new one. This curling Iron is very similar to the one I had, and I absolutely loved it! You can also get this at Kohl's for about $21.00 

3. Pandora Charm ; Since baby girl will arrive in December (or at least that is the plan) The pictured charm costs $65 at the Pandora store. 

4. Sewing machine ; I want to make baby girl some things. And if I'm really good and have time I plan to probably sell things. Bibs to even cloth diapers! Wish me luck! On sale this can run for about $39!! (that is actually black Friday deals LOL)

5. Sewing Class! ; I can't have the sewing machine and not a formal class, right?! Classes are about $85 for about 8 group sessions. Which I think is a steal!! 

6. Car seat Caboodle ; I get emails for these things all the time. I have a few things at home from Mother Lounge and I also have shared a few coupon discounts with y'all. I can get this for $50! HERE with the code "ThankyouCC"

There are some other things, I had asked for.. 

Like this Pandora Charm

Joe actually bought this for me a few days ago. It means Guardian Angel & I really love it. It represents my miscarriage with baby Elijah I had last year. 

While we were there, we looked at charms for baby girl's birth stone. I love the color! I can't wait to by a lot of it. He also knew I had been wanting a necklace for a while, so I think he is going to pick that up for me too.  He has never been so good at surprises. LOL We go through this every year. 

I also asked for some tights, and long sweaters things like that! 

What did you ask for? Is it a list like mine, more expensive or am I asking for too much?!

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Monday, November 24, 2014

Weekly Wishes

Good morning!!! It's Monday and I'm off work! So I am not in the worst mood ever LOL I have another doctors appointment to go to today, because I will be 37 weeks this Wednesday!! ahhh Where is time going?!

The Nectar Collective

Last Week's Goals; 

1. CHRISTMAS WISH LIST - I will make a blog post this week!!
2. GET HOSTESS PACKET OUT// & MAKE THIRTY-ONE CLIP BOARDS - I have been bugging people to give me dates and people to invite, but I am done. I am tired of begging. And It just looks stupid on my part! I wish I had more friends that would order so I can get my goal of 1200 PV from December 1st through 15th BUT I know that's a lot to ask for. I'm going to continue to put as much time into my business as I can, without stressing myself out!! 
3. GET MY HOSPITAL BAG READY - I got it finished and a blog post will be up this week! 

Next week's goals - 

1. GET BLOG POSTS SCHEDULED FOR DECEMBER/ ASK PEOPLE TO TAKE OVER MY BLOG FOR SOME DAYS - Since I won't be blogging much in the month of December (and/or January too), I want to have as many scheduled old posts, and maybe some blogger friend take over my blog a couple days. 
2. GET CANDY MADE FOR JOSIAH'S "BREAKFAST WITH SANTA" - He is enrolled in a preschool program that I absolutely adore! They are having a "Breakfast with Santa", and although Josiah is terrified of the real life Santa I still wanted to put myself in to help! Hopefully I will get my camera and have plenty of nice pictures!!!! 

Clamshell Candy Chain  Reader Hallie Lowe of Cedar Park, Texas, sweetens her home's front entry with a string of super-sized treats, cleverly constructed from take-out containers.

3. GET DONATION FROM WORK FOR "BREAKFAST WITH SANTA" - My lovely boss said that he would donate cups and lids!! I'm hoping they will have an average amount of people before I leave work, and if it's low, he may donate more!! 
4. GET GUESSES ON WHEN BABY GIRL WILL BE HERE & WRITE A POST - I have some already and I am loving the guesses! hehe
5. DON'T SPEND TOO MUCH ON BLACK FRIDAY - I already know what I need/want for Christmas, but the question is do I need to buy it myself or is someone going to get it for me!!! 
6. START ON CHRISTMAS PRESENTS FOR FRIENDS - Well I planned on doing homemade everything, but I've been so lazy that I think I will just buy some cheap gifts. 

This weekend I.. 

 I was at the store and noticed my hand hurt to bend!!! I couldn't believe I was that swollen!!

 Josiah got a new Wii Mario Game from his daddy and the remote came in, he gets frustrated and then I tell him to turn it off LOL shoot! 
 We went to the Hampton Christmas Tree Lighting!!

 They had fake snow!! 

 Later that Me and Joe went to the movies to see Hunger Games! 

 Joe got me the Pandora Charm I wanted in memory of Baby Elijah (my miscarriage last year) I'm so in love, it is definitely my favorite charm! 
AND I'm doing it again for December!! I nee 6 friends to get a few orders for me! I have a goal to reach and I'm so close I can taste it!!! Please email me if you'd like to participate!! 

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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Handprint Turkey Craft

I said I wasn't going to do crafts, seeing as how much other crap I have going on with Thirty-One and baby girl coming in only 5 (give or take) weeks!!!! BUT I couldn't help myself. I love crafts!!!

What you'll need;

Toilet Paper Roll
Construction paper (orange, blue, green, yellow, purple)
Glue stick
Wiggly eyes

Trace your child's hand-print and cut it out. If they are old enough, let them cut it out themselves. 

Cut out the beak and feet with the orange paper. 

Then glue on your hand print one at time, gluing them on a little above the next. It should look like this. 

Let the kids put on the beak and eyes. 

Put glue on the inside of the toilet paper roll, and place cut out feet inside like this...

Then bend the feet so they show. 


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Friday, November 21, 2014

Nordic Naturals #PawsForACause Giveaway


Nordic Naturals #PawsForACause Giveaway

Prize: 1 winner will receive 1 bottle of Ultimate Omega & 1 bottle of Omega-3 Pet

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Thank you to all the blogs for helping to promote this giveaway:

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Nordic Naturals is committed to providing the World's safest and most effective Omega Oils. They provide products meeting the needs from prenatal to adult as well as offering their Nordic Pet Collection. You can read Heartbeats~ Soul Stains full review here.

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Giveaway will run from 11/21/14 - 12/12/14

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#DIY Superhero Skyline Backdrop

So I have had the worst luck the past month with my parties not going the way I really planned them! Mostly because of poor timing and camera failure. 

In this post I am going to show you how I made Josiah's Superhero Back-Drop for his 5th birthday party. It was easy, fast and super cheap because I already had everything in the house for this one! 

What you'll need; 

Large cardboard box
Black spray paint
White plain computer paper
Bamboo Skewers
Blue table clothe (for behind the box)
(Any extra Props)
First I took the box apart

Cut the box - I used a picture off to make a city skyline.

After I finish cutting the skyline, I put skewers where the top of the box kept falling in.

This was the outcome -

I let my step-dad spray paint it for me, which I don't have a picture of, but I let it dry over night. The next day I cut out a few different size "windows" out of regular computer paper, and let Josiah help tell me where he wanted them.

Add your own props (we had a large Spider-man) & also Added the blue table clothe in the background.

Add your kids

(Sorry for the sucky quality in pictures.)
I also went back to the same Etsy Shop that I went to for my Baby Sprinkle. This time, sine we had kids handling the masks, I printed them out on better paper ! ^_^


Check out my Baby Sprinkle and the Photo booth I made for that as well! 

You can check out how I made these super easy invitations HERE

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