Wednesday, November 12, 2014

DIY Scrapbook Clothes Pins

I made these clothes pins specially for my Baby Sprinkle last month! 

I know everyone knows this game! "Don't Say Baby"
Well the rules are easy, you can't say the word "baby" the whole baby shower or any one can take your clothes pin! 

For this project you will only need a few things! 
Clothes pins
Scrapbook paper
Mod Podge

I picked up some dollar store clothespins and found some scrapbook paper I had laying around and grabbed my Mod Podge.

I turned the scrapbook paper around and drew myself some outlines so that I could cut the scrapbook paper to fit over the top of the clothespin.

Then brush a light layer Mod Podge onto the clothespins and put the scrapbook paper on top.

Let dry and.... VOILA! 

*now unfortunately I didn't even get to use them at my Baby Sprinkle, because I left them at home in all the craziness!!!!* 

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