Friday, November 14, 2014

Gift Guide for a 5 year old

Since Josiah's 5th Birthday is right around the corner (Monday November 17th) I've decided to show you a little of his wish list, and things I may buy him for his birthday AND Christmas! 

  1. Razor A Kick Scooter //$27.72 @ Walmart - I think this is perfect for the summer time, for him to not be stuck in the house playing video games! Instead get out and enjoy the breeze!!
  2. TMNT Stretchkins® //29.95 @ This is something 
  3. LEGO Super Heroes Batman: Man-Bat Attack Play Set //$16.00 @ Walmart - He told me no more Lego's after this set. I will let yo know he follows along with that! 
  4. Magneatos™ Jumbo - 36 pieces //$39.95 @ Barnes & Noble - This is also something he saw on T.V. and said that he wanted. To be honest, I want him to get into this kind of stuff, rather then the little Lego pieces. I'm not sure how long this will keep his interest but I'm hoping it will for 40 bucks!
  5. As Seen on TV Bright Eyes Blanket, Duck //$19.99 @ Walmart- He saw this again.. on T.V. He loves anything that has a light at the end, on it, or in it. So the fact that this is like a night light, I will be getting this for him! 
  6. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch //#49.96 @ Walmart - 

Of course there are more things he asked for, and some things I got him that aren't on this list. The GOOD thing about this list, is everything is under $50, and it's all around the corner. I know that he isn't picky at all.. BUT he WILL recognize what we didn't get him. He is very spoiled and I need to figure out how to teach him the value of a dollar. That may sound mean, or stupid but I do! 

What is on your kids Wish List? Will you get him/her everything on it?! Show me! 

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