Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Baby Bump Hump Day {34 Weeks}

Baby is size of a Cantaloupe! =0

 Besides every annoying thing about pregnancy, nothing has changed. I'm irritable, emotional!!!, tired, back pains, still getting up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, contractions (or what they call braxton hicks), 
PUPPP (not diagnosed but I'm sure that's what these red bumps are), can't get my shoes or socks on, out of breath, my feet/ankles are killing me!!!! '

YEP!! Everything is everything at 34 weeks!! 

 Considering my every day life, I am sleeping alright. That's it, just alright. The pregnancy pillows are doing it for me anymore, it's like how do I get comfortable with them things? I want to lay on my stomach, not to the side/ front

 I want everything. I want to eat healthy but with limited choices I'm not going to stress about eating pizza rolls in the middle of the night when I'm hungry! this late in pregnancy. I could care less how much I gain. 

Maternity Clothes

 I haven't bought anything new BUT I will have to get a jacket. All mine fit but they look like baby clothes on me. ha!

Weight gain
 I am weighing in at 180!!!!  (Monday's Doc appointment) 

 I have been walking around. That's really about it. No gym membership. I don't feel like working out. I'm too tired. and like I mentioned up^ there in cravings, I don't really care anymore how much I gain. I'm over it! 

Stretch Marks

 I was saying that I don't care about how much I gain right? BUT I AM stressed about these NEW stretch marks I found. I hadn't been looking at my back side for a while, and I also haven't been lathering up in my bio oil because I'M OUT! So I looked the other day at my love handles and noticed there were 4 new BIG stretch marks, on EACH side. smh!!


 She is moving around like crazy and now I'm not too sure whether I'm having contractions or when she is moving. They both hurt like hell! 

Labor Signs
 Braxton hicks getting stronger and MUCH more noticeable! Also lost my mucus plug through out the weeks. I thought both of these were a sign of pre-term labor, but my doctor's say it's all normal! go figure.

 We found out HERE what we were having! & I'm still so excited about it!

Baby Names 

 So I am getting the hang of Amiliana. And I think that may her name. Her nick name for me will still be Millie or Amillie. It's NOT definite BUT its likely. 

Belly button in or out?
 Still in. for right now, it looks like it's going to pop out any day now. but then again I keep saying that. haha

Rings on or off?
 My rings are still on, but I have noticed swelling.. I don't want to take my rings off!!!! :'(

 Last time I mentioned her crib was up, BUT there's still nothing in it, besides her daiper bag I've been trying to back for two weeks now. I want a sewing machine so I can make my bumper!! I am going to splurge on myself this weekend. I need a jacket, Bio Oil and a sewing machine! 

Doc Appointment

 I had a doc appointment Monday. I was trying to tell her that I have red dots all over my legs, she saw one and told me to put heat on it... and that's it. She measured my stomach to be 32 centimeters, which converts to 12 and half inches. She feels bigger when she is rolling around in there!!! I still have 6 more weeks to go......

Which leads me to..... I was also told that she will NOT be inducing me. So baby girl will either be here when she wants, on my due date (the 17th), or on Christmas Eve. They will only induce me at 41 weeks.. Merry Christmas to everyone!!! HAHAHA the only good thing about this, is I can stop stressing about whether I wanted to induce or go natural. Everyone said I should induce so that we can have a plan and everyone take off work, blah blah... but this is actually what I wanted fro the beginning. I just can't wait til she is here!!!

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