Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My Baby Sprinkle PHOTOBOMB

I finally got the pictures ya'll! 

I won't bore you with EVERY one of them. BUT I will most majority!!! Sorry in advance for the photo{BOMB}

So let me tell you how this day went! 

When I posted my Baby Sprinkle Ideas. I never thought that it was going to be this hard and that much time to throw my own baby shower!!!! 

I literally did everything last minute though and I really regret doing that. It was a lot more difficult because I threw it at my cousins hour instead of my house! If it was at my house, things would have gotten done the night before. At least some of it but I did NOTHING. 

So I started off my day at 10 am, cutting the tissue paper to fill the balloons.. Joe helped hold the balloons open for me to put the "confetti" in. Also packing up my moms truck, with everything we had to bring. That took about an hour. I had to drop Joe off which took about 30 minutes. Then I went to Office max and printed out my printables. WHICH should have been done a week ago, I don't even know how I procrastinated that long on something THAT important. 

It was around 12:30 PM when I got to my cousins house, while waiting for my mom to come (She was filling balloons at Food Lion, which BTW I don't recommend It ended up being like 60 dollars. I told her to go to Farm Fresh BUT she says I didn't tell her) ANYWAYS while I'm waiting for her to get there, I cut out my printable banner, cup cake toppers and etc. I did have help from my nieces who were nice enough to cut out HALF of my Baby Shower Photobooth Props LOL. Yes, 20 PAGES of props and they only cut out HALF

My cousin got to baking and melting and cutting veggies, and my friend Lindsey started setting up. I realized I left some things at home and also didn't have enough of food. While my mom went home to get her home made dip and the ice cream in the freezer and Lindsey went to the store for more food, I was still trying to get my streamers cut, balloons in the right place, my banner in the right place, 'Thank You' jars filled, and my table set up the way I wanted it.

It started getting late and I started freaking out because 3 o'clock came REALLY fast. The chocolate for my pretzels and wafers weren't melting, the hotdogs weren't done, and neither was the photobooth set up. AND at this point, I had realized I didn't print ANY of the GAMES and I left my DIY Clothespins at home ALONG with my ICE CUBE TRAY with the babies in it!!!!!

CAN WE SAY OMG ... Yeah I may have cried a little.

ALSO realizing that I didn't invite majority of his family (I did on facebook but his mother and sister in law doesn't have a facebook) and they probably wouldn't have shown up this late of invitation. I sucked at life at this point. 

It was 3:30 and my first guest showed up. It was my long time friend Nakita and her mom! I was still running around like a chicken with my head cut off, not even knowing what to do first. LOL A few more people came, I started to relax... knowing I had a SHIT ton of other things to do. I just kind of gave up at that point. Everything that had been done was good enough. 

Did I over- spend? YES ! Did I enjoy myself? YES ! In the craziness of it all.....


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