Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekly Wishes

Hey everyone ! It's Monday morning, I'm at work and don't feel like being here. 
And this is very literal LOL

I'm linking up again this week for my weekly wishes. I love doing these because It motivates me to actually get S*** done LOL I didn't want tot say that but it really 

The Nectar Collective

Last Week's Wishes;

1. GET JOSIAH'S INVITATION OUT & BLOG POST ABOUT IT - Got them done, and I'm so glad I got hem out of the way! I just have one more to mail out. I'll try to do that tomorrow morning before I come back to work. You can check out how I made these super easy invitations HERE

2. GET READY FOR MY WINE, CHOCOLATE & BAG PARTY - So I had one person show, I'm really GLAD I didn't go over board. On buying or setting up. I am a little upset that no one showed, but most of them say they will order online. I really just want to get my goal of a 200 party. that's all! lol

3. GET MY NAILS DONE - Joe and I had our spa day! We both got our feet done and I FINALLY got my nails done. I will definitely have to do that ONE more time, before baby gets here.  

4. GET A SEWING MACHINE - I did not get this yet, I haven't had time to balance my bills out for this month. I will try to do that tomorrow night, or  

5. FIND THE BEST DEAL ON BIO OIL - I am going to get this done this week! 
6. GO TO THE PUMPKIN PATCH - Yeah so Sunday was the last day to go, and At the very last minute, Josiah said he didn't want to go anymore. So needless to say I DID end up wasting my 33 bucks. I told him he owes me. HA!
Next weeks Wishes; 
1. HOSPITAL BILLS TAKEN CARE OF - I had a point where my medicaid didn't go through. Now that I have it again. I need to take care of these bills before they go to collection! 
2. BLOG POST FOR DIAPER BAG - I finally got her diaper done. And I will be posting about it soon! 
3. GET READY FOR JOSIAH'S BIRTHDAY PARTY! - Man I tell you, your going to be seeing a lot of birthday's this time of year. It's a busy season for us LOL His birthday is Monday the 17th, but his party is this Sunday (I also have my premiere to go to!)
4. GET LAYAWAY AT K-MART -  I love k-mart layaway, the first year I had it they had "Secret Santa" pay it off. It was my last payment of about 35 bucks but I love that they still do things like that! 
5. GET READY FOR THE SPRING PRODUCT PREMEIRE FOR THIRTY-ONE! - This is what I can't wait for! This is the same DAY as my son's b-day party, so this should be interesting!!! This is why I have to get ready for his party, like two days before so I'm not crunching like I did at my Baby Sprinkle   I will have a post about that tonight!! LOL
6. GROCERY SHOPPING FOR THANKS GIVING!! - Last year, I had to go to three different store because walmart ran out of pasta. YES 

YOU can help me reach my goal of $200, by ordering from my Thirty-One event!! It will end on the November the 14th. So that gives everyone time to order! Under Wine, Chocolate & Bag Party! 

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