Saturday, November 22, 2014

Handprint Turkey Craft

I said I wasn't going to do crafts, seeing as how much other crap I have going on with Thirty-One and baby girl coming in only 5 (give or take) weeks!!!! BUT I couldn't help myself. I love crafts!!!

What you'll need;

Toilet Paper Roll
Construction paper (orange, blue, green, yellow, purple)
Glue stick
Wiggly eyes

Trace your child's hand-print and cut it out. If they are old enough, let them cut it out themselves. 

Cut out the beak and feet with the orange paper. 

Then glue on your hand print one at time, gluing them on a little above the next. It should look like this. 

Let the kids put on the beak and eyes. 

Put glue on the inside of the toilet paper roll, and place cut out feet inside like this...

Then bend the feet so they show. 


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