Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My Year in Review 2014

So this will be a very long photo recap of my Year 2014!! 


I didn't start off my New Years the way I wanted. I wrote my second post about my miscarriage... It is graphic, weak stomachs do not click on this POST

I wrote a post about how much I loved food and how I will never try another diet again. 

I did a photo post for Wordless Wednesday. Yeah that was about 12 inches of snow, so i got stuck at work for a few days. 

I started a giveaway of some of my Nail Polish Stash!


I LOVE February! I love doing all the lovie dovie crafts, and Josiah loved it too!

We made Valentines. I will make these again this year if I have time! Or maybe I'll just search my Pinterest board for some different Ideas LOL

I did start a new Link up, but no EVER joined. So I stopped it after the first month. LOL

I found an easy DIY to fix your make up! 


I started really hitting the gym, because I knew I had a trip to Miami coming up. I got addicted to doing Zumba and I can't wait to start up again. 

I wrote about my food/DRINK experience in Miami. 

I tried to eat healthy....

I did a link-up called "Whats in your bag?"

I got new nail polish that I love!!! 

I reposted about the BEST #DIY Laundry Detergent and Fabric Softener

I bought a new Mazda 3! Then the next weekend Joe and I took a trip to see Katt Williams on a mini vacation to NC!


Josiah loves this recipe of Foaming Hand Soap. He plays with it less, so guess what... mommy loves it too! 

We did crafts of course because of Easter! The weekend shenanigans post will tell you all about the crafts and our Easter weekend. Also you'll get a better view of Josiah calling the Easter Bunny broke!! LOL

I revamped my post about DIY Crayons!!!

April is also when I found out I was expecting again after the miscarriage.


Mother's day is around the corner so I revamped my DIY Body Scrub

And also Hand Print Flower pots!! JUNE

I made my version of Spicy Chipotle Chicken Pasta. It was amazing!!!


I had to work Fourth of July weekend, but I still made time to make this craft! Josiah and I made DIY 4th of July Rockets.

My family came down from Tennessee and I totally enjoyed them being around. I miss being around my aunt everyday. Our little weekend can be found in this post right here

I finally came out to ya'll about my little secret, that I was expecting!!! 

I made Homemade Cronuts for the first time. They are so easy you'll never go back to regular donuts (Or maybe you will LOL)

I got a HUGE NAIL MAIL. And I still have yet to try them ALL LOL Can we say addicted much?!

Josiah loves these Homemade Bubbles, they were the best bubbles I have ever came across. I suggest you definitely give them a try!!!! 

We had a gender reveal and found out that we were having a little GIRL! 

My little boy is still so ecstatic about having a little sister. This was us at 18 weeks pregnant


I started off my birthday month with these sweet and salty Cucumber Lime Pops

For Labor day, we also made DIY Poppersand also Fried Pickles!!!

I made an easy Chalkboard Sign


I started selling Thirty-One!
You can see the new spring/summer catalog here!


I made a Round up of all the Halloween DIY's I made!

I made an easy & beautiful & yummy Wine Bottle Centerpiece

We went to a Festival!


The kids made this Handprint Turkey Craft

I made a Christmas List
because your never too old for one of these! 

I wrote What's in My Hospital Bags


I did a weekly write up about what our #ElfOnTheShelf did! 

I had my baby girl! Amiliana Christin Bynom!

What did you do this year?! 

I have been on a blogging break for most of December. Hopefully I can get back into it soon, because I miss writing everything and doing all my crafts. I got my sewing machine for Christmas so hopefully I can go to a sewing class and start sewing! 

Happy New Year everyone!!! 

Much love-
Christin, Josiah & Amiliana