Friday, December 19, 2014

Josiah's Big Brother Bag

I wanted Josiah to not feel some type of way when baby girl gets here. I know a lot of the attention will be on her, and he has been the only kid for 5 years now. Josiah does NOT like change. He doesn't take it to well either. 

So I made him a "Big Brother Bag" and brought it to the hospital along with My Hospital Bag{s}. Mainly for when everyone is visiting our baby girl, this bag is intended to keep Josiah busy, so he won't be jealous or bored. 

In the bag I have a couple of things; 

  • Something for him to snack on, and of course something sweet. 
  • A book.
  • His new "Big Brother" shirt.
  • A Coloring book and markers.
  • Some wash clothes (his favorite).
  • A buzz light year Puzzle.
  • Play Dough.

Have you done something like this for your kid/kids? Josiah loved it! He played as long as he could before his attention span took over! 

He loves his little sister but one of my next posts will be about his jealousy... dun dun dun 

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