Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Baby Bump Hump Day {38 Weeks!!!}

Baby is size of a Celery Bunch (LOL)

Last time I mentioned I had every symptom except kankles.... well... you guessed right, I have that too now. 

 Still none, getting up every hour to use the bathroom.
 Craving anything fried.

Maternity Clothes
 I haven't bought anything new maternity, but last week was black Friday so I bought two pair of stretch pants , that I knew would fit after she arrives!

Weight gain

 I'm embarrassed to say, but I knew it would happen. I'm gaining 2 pounds a week. I'm at 186 right now! 


 Def not working out. and I probably won't until she gets here. 

Stretch Marks
 Right now I an't even think about what new stretch marks I have! I'm just lathering up every chance I get, with whatever lotions I have ;)

 Of course nothing has changed here! She is still moving around and hurting me! I love it when I can see her moving!! The BEST thing ever!!! 

Labor Signs
 Wellllll being dilated 2cm, and contractions just not close together! 

 We found out HERE what we were having! & I'm still so excited about it!

Baby Names 
 So I am getting the hang of Amiliana. And I think that may her name. Her nick name for me will still be Millie or Amillie. It's NOT definite BUT its likely.

Belly button in or out?
 I've been saying in for the past few weeks, but I think it's like and innie outtie lol... it's like I don't have a belly button at all. 

Rings on or off?
 My rings are OFF now, I had to take them off last week while I was at the store. I was swollen up like a blimp! =\

 I am still working on this, I am going to just have to buy what I need for storage, and get this done. I've already organized her clothes by months. I also got her bed set and mobile just not set up yet! I will have it done by next week though! 

Doc Appointment

 I had another doctor appointment Monday. Her heart rate was at 165! whew!!! I actually had a different doctor come in and see me. They measured my stomach to be 30-34CM which they thought (and I thought) was kind of small for where I should be in my pregnancy. So she ordered an ultrasound for the next time I go in (Monday) I'll be writing about my 39th week of pregnancy too, If I make it that far. She checked if I was dilated and I was 2cm. Doesn't really mean anything unless I'm more dilated next appointment. She told me that she could come at any time and I'm just so nervous but READY for her to come out !! 

Keep up with me & Let me know your here!