Monday, December 8, 2014


He's baaaaaaack!!

We brought him back this year on the 30th of November.

I will post weekly where we find him, because honestly posting everyday right about now would not happen LOL.

At first he was afraid of the elf when we bought him. He was afraid to go into the room we kept him. When we brought him back, I read him the note and explained to him what the elf does and that he had to name him. He had watched the movie and decided to name him Chippy. LOL original right?! That morning we revealed him, didn't believe that the elf was real.

We caught him shopping for Cyber Monday!!! & of course what better way to shop then Thirty-One?! It didn't take him long but Josiah started to believe real fast that he was real. Chippy even left him a note that said "If your not a good boy, I can't keep shopping" hahahaha

I believe this is the day he really got into it! He saw this and was so excited LOL 

I was lazy this night, BUT that day.... a daycare kid (from my mom's daycare) touched the elf and brought him to Josiah. He FREAKED OUT! He really started to cry and everything. I had to come up with something to make him get better so I put the first aid kit next to him and when Josiah left the room, he went back to the North Pole. 

I got a new printer so I guess Chippy figured he would try it out! 

Saint Nicholas came !!!! 

Tonight we finally made the gingerbread house! 

And now, I don't know what I'm going to do tomorrow, any ideas?! There are soooo many I want to do but I'm too lazy! :P

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