Monday, December 1, 2014

Weekly Wishes

Hey everyone! Its Monday and it's also CYBER MONDAY! 

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It's time again for Weekly Wishes!! 

The Nectar Collective

Last weeks Wishes;

1. GET BLOG POSTS SCHEDULED FOR DECEMBER/ ASK PEOPLE TO TAKE OVER MY BLOG FOR SOME DAYS - I haven't even been on my blog for a couple days! I really hope that not having a job, won't stop me from blogging! 

2. GET CANDY MADE FOR JOSIAH'S "BREAKFAST WITH SANTA" - Yeah, this didn't happen lol

3. GET DONATION FROM WORK FOR "BREAKFAST WITH SANTA"He was out of town, I will have to pick them up this week !

4. GET GUESSES ON WHEN BABY GIRL WILL BE HERE & WRITE A POSTI have some already and I am loving the guesses! hehe

5. DON'T SPEND TOO MUCH ON BLACK FRIDAY - I did, I bought my camera!

6. START ON CHRISTMAS PRESENTS FOR FRIENDS - I actually did start, but I've changed my mind for some of my friends and decided to go with Mint only instead of Chocolate.

This week's Wishes;

1. PICK UP THINGS FOR "BREAKFAST WITH SANTA" FROM MY JOB - He was out of town this weekend, so I will have to pick this up and remind him of my weeks vacation pay! 

2. MAKE CANDIES FOR "BREAKFAST WITH SANTA" - Well, It's this Saturday, and I'll tell you what I am not going to stress about this things, BUT I will try to get as many done as I can. 

3. ORDER MY THIRTY-ONE SPRING CATALOGS / AND THE ADD-ON KIT! - I'm not going to order much since I feel like I'm wasting money and not making it!!! I am hoping for a better Spring then this fall! 

4. GET JOSIAH'S CHRISTMAS CARDS MADE AND SENT OUT BY FRIDAY - After fighting with him yesterday, he must of woke up on the good side of the bed and he actually wanted to take pictures this morning! 

5. START WALKING MORE - I need to get this baby out!!! What are some other ways to get baby out? LOL

6. DO ONE CHRISTMAS CRAFT - Maybe I can get one with the kids done this week.


8. WORK OUTSIDE OF THE HOUSE AT LEAST 3 DAYS A WEEK - I am hoping to get of the house and start working on Thirty-One and blogging with no distractions.. (because you know my mom runs a daycare and there's always something going on around here)

9. GET THINGS FOR FRIENDS CHRISTMAS PRESENTS TOGETHER -  I need sugar and more coconut oil. I wasn't hoping to spend too much more money. But I want to blog about it and give it to my friends! 

This past week has been very eventful, I feel like I am super stressed out because baby girl will make her appearance in or about 2 weeks!!!  I don't have her closet/clothes organized like I want them. Hopefully not having to stop and go to work 8 hour shifts every day will help me get my shit done! 

My Thirty-One business isn't doing as well as I had hoped for the month of December!

Then on top of that, I have my 5 year old acting out.  He has his bad days and semi-good days, I just hope that it will more of those semi good days then bad days!!! :\\\

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