Friday, May 31, 2013

Birchbox & Ispy


The deva curling system worked as much as I thought it would, the shampoo and conditioner didn't have a great smell but the gel smelt really good! 

The ISAAC MIZRAHI perfume was great! I love it so much I have to get a full size

I didn't really care for the CC cream... I just don't get it. Is it suppose to correct within one time or after time .. lol

Haven't used the vitamin capsules. I just haven't figured out where I really want to put oil...It says to put the vitamin oil on your face, before your make-up????!! uhhhh I'll pass on that one!! LOL

I used the chap stick daily, especially when I can't find my carmex or when I'm at work.. I actually can't believe it works. I usually can't use any other chap stick or lip stick other then carmex! 

I don't really like tea (unless it's McDonald's sweat tea), but I gave it a try - & I still don't like tea LOL 

Birchbox is the best way to discover new beauty, grooming and lifestyle products. Join to receive monthly deliveries of top product samples from high-end brands.


CONCEALER TO STICK WITH MY EYE SHADOWS FROM MY LAST BOX- It didn't really match my skin tone but it did conceal a pimple spot I had. & I had to put other make-up on top or it would have looked crazy.
The instant bronzer was no good!  =( I also tried it on my legs, they came out the same way... maybe I'm doing something wrong? I've seen girls on facebook actually searching for it?! 

The Mirabella lipstick was sheer and so suttle I actually loved it! 

I gave the roll- on perfume to a friend from work because I was just not in love with the smell. -__- I've heard of Gardenia before but never knew exactly what it was. It stinks to me lol

And last but certainly not least!! I loved the nail polish, Zoya is one of my favorite brands. I love the way it goes on and comes off!

Join me on ipsy and subscribe to the Glam Bag! You get 4-5 beauty products every month delivered to your door, for just $10. Michelle Phan curates the bags! Check it out here:

Well it's Friday and I'm at work, trying to deal with these guests. I had plans to go out this weekend.. but I am broke (thanks to my car payment and Julep lol) Maybe I'll still go somewhere just to dress up and say I did =) I also had planned to go to Zumba-fest tomorrow but I don't know how that is going to play out either. Which reminds me of the shoes I got this weekend that I have to show you all! 
 Thank you to my mommy!!!! I'm so in love with them, they are the most comfortable "tennis shoes" I've worn in a long time, I'm sorry, I mean EVER!!! They aren't cheap but I will definitely invest in a few more pairs of these! 


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 Today song will be ....
Like A Pimp - David Banner 

I heard this song last night while coming home from the gym, and this link-up is the first thing I thought about!

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

May Budget

I've got to admit I have been doing some serious shopping! BUT the good thing is that I really didn't spend a lot of money! 
 Here are just a few things I bought...

 Practically Free
Around $25.00 for both the shoes & sports bra
(I had cash on my paypal account, so my leftover balance for these prescription glasses was around $5!) You can see my post about Firmmo --> HERE

So I'd like to think I stayed I budget this month!! yay considering I spent a lot money on other things.

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Safety Pin Bracelet

I saw this on I Spy DIY blog, and I just knew I would have to make me some of these!

This is what you need ;
Safety Pins
Wire cutter
Jump Rings

Cut the chain long enough to fit where you want it. (I made mine longer and adjusted it after I put the safety pin on. 
Put a jump ring on each end of the chain. Connect the safety pin to on end of the jump ring.
Close pin through the other jump ring to fasten .. Simple & cute!

I made different types of bracelets, & I love them all! 

I also made my mom one, she used it as an ankle bracelet!

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What's in your Make-up Bag?

Sooo, I saw a facebook status the other day from a blogger that had me wondering what everybody's make-up staples were! What is in your make-up bag?!  I've done a post before about what was in my bag. You can see that HERE

There are certain make-up products I can't be without.. This is (in order) my favorites and can't be withouts!
Carmex! - I can't go anywhere without this chap stick! And most of the time when I really need it, I can't find one. But I have a million.
Eyeliner - This is my one thing I can't live without.. It really pops out my eye color (green/hazel) when I wear it I just feel so much more comfortable! 
Mascara - I love love love Maybelline water-proof!
Concealer - If nothing else on, I have this on. I have to conceal my under eye circles! Which reminds me of a post I made not too long ago about raw potato juice being really good to reduce dark circles under your eyes... check it out HERE 
Light weight foundations - Evening out my skin with out looking too heavy. I like satin or matte finishes.
Bronzing Powder - I use this bronzer all the time! When I first bought it and wanted to buy another one I couldn't find it, so when I did find it, bought like 5 of them. I'm still stocked up from like 3 years ago lol 
Neutral Eye Shadows - All I need is a light shade (matte or shimmer) and I'm all set. I never was into eye shadows so this is a rare thing for me!

1. Eyeliner
2. Wet n wild Blush
3. Boi-ing concealer
4. Sephora mattifying foundation
5. my CARMEX!
6. B.B. cream
7. Perfection concealer from Macy's
8. Make-up brush for my foundation  
9. NOT PICTURED - Mascara 

My everyday make-up in my purse..

What is in your every day Make-up Bag??

Monday, May 27, 2013

What I did this weekend...

Good morning lovely ladies! Before I start I'm going to tell you that I'm at work, & it's been a really bad night so I'm taking a break from all this work that hasn't been done to blog, AND you might find some mistakes in my writing today! I DON'T CARE! haha 

Anyways I didn't do my link up last week for my 5forFIVE so here it is today...


1. GET NEW INSURANCE - I have been in just a lump lately..
3. GET READY FOR MY KINGS DOMINION TRIP THIS WEEKEND! - I didn't even go, cancelled the room, instead we took a trip to NC to pick up my sister.... that didn't even go as planned SMDH!
4. APPLY FOR SOME JOBS- I got a job offer to be an Admin for a resort, and I basically got the job...(I think LOL) but of course it's part time and conflicts with my job now, since he has the schedule made up until middle of June & they wanted me to start TUESDAY! =(  I'm really upset about it because it seemed like a good opportunity to get experience & move-up. I hope no one reads this but I really wish I could quit my job now to start that job but with it being part-time I just can't do that.
5. REJOICE FOR NOT WORKING OVERNIGHT THIS WEEK! - It's been about two weeks since I've done this shift, and I forgot what to do.. that is really why I'm taking this break to blog. I might not even get everything done before my shift is over! LOL OH WELL


1. GO TO KOHLS - I have some things I need to exchange!
2. APPLY FOR SOME JOBS - I kind of want to be a waitress again. I'm just so comfortable at this job, I'm scared to start a new full time one esp. with my car note killing me as it is.
3. GET CAR INSURANCE - ummm My insurance is def. up on Friday, I guess I better find something quick!

What I did this weekend....
Gummies in his mouth and his new name!

Painted my nails!

Spoiled rotten by nana

oh no! I went to plaza

Brushing his hair like daddy

Cheers to Italian ice!

He's a pro now!

I did not eat the cake!

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Nail Polish Appliques are not for me!

Happy Friday !

So last week I decided to try some nail design applicators that I got in my birch box in March. 

The brand was Incoco Design Nail Polish


I love the design and everyone complimented me on my nails

I was so difficult to get on to my nail and very very time consuming! 

They came out crappy.. The corners and near my cuticle were the hardest parts to put the design. Excuse my fingers, they look weird!

The only good thing is that it really would have lasted 14 days if I would have let it.
It was that hard to get them off.
Needless to say these are not for me and I will not try them again!

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013



Today is all about food! I recently pinned these and I will hopefully make some soon!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Free Glasses!

So I have been seeing everyone talk about free glasses online @  It really started in like January, but every time I tried to order something went wrong.. I didn't have my PD, or I forgot my prescription at home. Finally I said I wasn't leaving the site until I got the glasses! And last week that's just what I did. I had to sign up with three different emails because I kept changing my mind on which ones to buy. Not to mention the first few I really did want, weren't "eligible" for the discount. So I stepped outside of the box and chose a pair I would have never chosen before! ------


Cute right?!

Pay $6.95 for shipping and the frames are free! 

I had the option to add a lot of different add-ons to my new glasses like, super thin lenses, anti-scratch was already added for free, UV coating, tint, and things like that. I added tint for only $10 more dollars! So now my new glasses are my new prescription sun glasses!

My total price for the frames and tint came to $16.90. I remembered I had some money left on my paypal account from a giveaway I had won a few months ago, so these glasses cost me $4.59! What a steal!

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fly Swatter Painting

I saw this on a blog about a few weeks ago and I've been waiting on a nice day to do this with Josiah and my mom's daycare kids. Yesterday was that day! 

What you'll need ;
Fly Swatters
Finger/Poster Paint
Long pieces of paper 

I would like to think of this as an outside craft just because I know Josiah all too well.... painting inside and Josiah is never a good thing. LOL We got the fly swatters from the dollar store. The big ones are awesome right?! The kids didn't even want them they wanted the small ones. 

The name is pretty much self explanatory, I'll just get to the pictures! 

Fly Swatter Painting !

Happy Thursday!

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