Friday, May 17, 2013

Free Glasses!

So I have been seeing everyone talk about free glasses online @  It really started in like January, but every time I tried to order something went wrong.. I didn't have my PD, or I forgot my prescription at home. Finally I said I wasn't leaving the site until I got the glasses! And last week that's just what I did. I had to sign up with three different emails because I kept changing my mind on which ones to buy. Not to mention the first few I really did want, weren't "eligible" for the discount. So I stepped outside of the box and chose a pair I would have never chosen before! ------


Cute right?!

Pay $6.95 for shipping and the frames are free! 

I had the option to add a lot of different add-ons to my new glasses like, super thin lenses, anti-scratch was already added for free, UV coating, tint, and things like that. I added tint for only $10 more dollars! So now my new glasses are my new prescription sun glasses!

My total price for the frames and tint came to $16.90. I remembered I had some money left on my paypal account from a giveaway I had won a few months ago, so these glasses cost me $4.59! What a steal!

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