Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother's Day Hand print Flower Pot

Mother's Day is tomorrow! So I have a cute Mother's day gift idea. I found on Google and don't remember where.

What you'll need ;

Mason Jar, cleaned and dry
Poster paints
Paint brush
Clear sealant spray
Ribbon - or any decorations to be added

 Hand Print Flower Pot

Paint on the clean jar. With the daycare kids being 3 and under me and my mom helped fixed the empty spots to completely cover it with paint.
After it's dry (we put them in the sun to dry faster), put your kid's hands in paint and have them put their hand prints around the outside of the jar. 

Let that dry completely. 

When hand prints are dry, now they can add stickers or whatever they want on the jar as well! Spray finished product with a clear sealant spray. (I actually used hair spray and it was a fail, so I suggest buying the sealant if you want it to last  lol)  Add a ribbon & flowers your kids picked from the garden or the store.

Don't forget a note or card, "Best Mom, Hands Down!"
I would also suggest that you don't use a dark paint as a base, it is really hard to see the hand prints after it fully dries...

 What are some DIY Mother's Day gifts you did this year?

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