Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What's in your Make-up Bag?

Sooo, I saw a facebook status the other day from a blogger that had me wondering what everybody's make-up staples were! What is in your make-up bag?!  I've done a post before about what was in my bag. You can see that HERE

There are certain make-up products I can't be without.. This is (in order) my favorites and can't be withouts!
Carmex! - I can't go anywhere without this chap stick! And most of the time when I really need it, I can't find one. But I have a million.
Eyeliner - This is my one thing I can't live without.. It really pops out my eye color (green/hazel) when I wear it I just feel so much more comfortable! 
Mascara - I love love love Maybelline water-proof!
Concealer - If nothing else on, I have this on. I have to conceal my under eye circles! Which reminds me of a post I made not too long ago about raw potato juice being really good to reduce dark circles under your eyes... check it out HERE 
Light weight foundations - Evening out my skin with out looking too heavy. I like satin or matte finishes.
Bronzing Powder - I use this bronzer all the time! When I first bought it and wanted to buy another one I couldn't find it, so when I did find it, bought like 5 of them. I'm still stocked up from like 3 years ago lol 
Neutral Eye Shadows - All I need is a light shade (matte or shimmer) and I'm all set. I never was into eye shadows so this is a rare thing for me!

1. Eyeliner
2. Wet n wild Blush
3. Boi-ing concealer
4. Sephora mattifying foundation
5. my CARMEX!
6. B.B. cream
7. Perfection concealer from Macy's
8. Make-up brush for my foundation  
9. NOT PICTURED - Mascara 

My everyday make-up in my purse..

What is in your every day Make-up Bag??