Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It's not Monday!

 So this post is late! LOL but better late then never! Happy Tuesday

I was suppose to work 7-3 shift yesterday, but I switched with someone because Joe has an interview this morning so he needed my car.. I hope he gets this job. And I hope this means more money. Speaking of, I need to continue with my job search too. At least part time with tips.. Please keep us in mind today! 

I'll start brand new with my goals this week ;
1. GET NEW INSURANCE - At least call for quotes.
2. PAY HALF OF MY BILLS THAT ARE ALL DUE AT THE END OF THE MONTH - never seems to fail that all my bills are due in one pay check. So I need to split it up so I don't spend all my money this check and late with a bill next check. Is that confusing? anways...
3. GET READY FOR MY KINGS DOMINION TRIP THIS WEEKEND! - I still don't know if who I made plans with is still coming or not! So in that case I need to FIND SOMEONE.. LOL any takers??


This weekend I......

I did my own design !
Isn't he just a cutest! hahaha ....little devil!

 If you follow me on Instagram you know that I broke a damn nail! 

I had a dinner date with Joe for Mother's Day
We went to Macaroni Grill in Virginia Beach.
We had never been before so we thought we 
would try it out.
The appetizers were bangin, but the main dish
not so much! 

Josiah and the kids did Mother's Day crafts this week.
you can check that out HERE

I did a lot of Zumba and work outs with my trainer. I have been sweating like a pig.
I'm very proud of myself! & my mom is getting me a pair of zumba shoes! 
I'm pretty excited that Zumba is the new me!!!!

This is Josiah arguing that it's not "football" it's "shootball" hahaha you have to see this

how was your weekend?

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