Saturday, March 30, 2013


Well I wanted to write about how good I've been doing, but that would be a lie! I have not gone through with the meal plan and I only did two workouts this week. I see all these ladies losing all this weight on facebook but because I'm going through so much it's really hard to keep up with the workouts and even harder to keep up with the meal plans.

This past week has been very stressful. I applied for so many jobs, and one called me back for an interview the next day. But I got my hopes too high, hoping to put my two weeks in and stop doing these overnight shift.. and now they pushed the second interview back to April 9th. Any who...

Although I have lost a few pounds during this challenge, it isn't where I want to be so I'm going to do the detox again next week. I'll be drinking nothing but water.. and eating my salad and chicken.. and doing ALL of the workouts.. hopefully this will get me back to where I want to be. Temptation is a motherfucker and it's really hard to stop my cravings for a burger while I'm on the run. And on the run is my way of life right now.

catch me next week for a better update!!! holla!

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Friday, March 29, 2013

Give Forward {Helping Skylar Hear}

Hey ladies! Today I wanted to talk to you about a friend of mine's son...

His name is Skylar Peele. He is only three months old and was diagnosed with bilateral sensorineural profound hearing loss.

Bilateral means that both ears have a hearing loss. Profound means that the hearing loss is 90dB or greater. This means that the child may not be able to hear anything softer than 90dB. Sensorineural means that the cochlea or auditory nerve isn't working correctly.

Sensorineural hearing loss affects 1 to 3 of every 1000 children in the U.S. and other countries. And those are studies found a few years ago. The rate has probably changing as our country grows.
I know as a mother, this is something to take very serious. I couldn't imagine going to the doctor every week or even being told that my child will probably never hear my voice! It's devastating to even think about! The next thing that comes to my mind, would be the money. Money is tight, we are all struggling in this economy. So with your help baby Skylar can hear the little things we take for granted on a daily basis. Every dollar counts!

"We want to provide the BEST of everything for Skylar and want to be sure he has every chance at hearing & everything he needs to make his life as easy and happy as possible. With the specialist bills starting to add up, Michael starting a new job and taking a pay cut, the weekly Dr. trips, co-pays, hearing aids, accessories ( its not easy to keep the hearing aids on a baby), the speech therapy, and hopefully cochlear implants (which with surgery,implant & other involved expenses can add up to around $200,000)  Please help us help Skylar. Help us give him every advantage, and opportunity out there to better and enrich his life. He is the happiest baby and just deserves the world.When he smiles he lights up the world. His giggle and beautiful blue eyes are heart melting.
Thank you for taking the time to read our families story and I will work to keep everyone updated."  Melissa Peele
You can help by clicking here, Skylar Peele

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Monogram Everything!!

Since I've been blogging I've been seeing monograms everywhere. I didn't know what the big deal was but then I saw them on everything! I fell in love, esp when I saw it on cups. I figured since I'm going to be makin shakes and drinking tea a lot during the summer (and my ice coffee) I WANT a cute cup to drink them in!!!! So I went back and found a Ricci's blog posts to where she got her stuff from an etsy shop 

I went to her shop and boyyyyyy let me tell you.... it was monogram heaven! LOL I wanted one for my laptop, my car, plates, and even a bucket for Josiah's Easter basket!! But being on a budget I could only get my cup =P

I bought a cup on and I bought this DIY - Acrylic Tumbler Vinyl Kit from her etsy shop for $7.00 The kit includes one vine monogram with circle and 10-12 polka dots.

You get to choose the script of the letters (or words) and the dots. 

I ordered mine last Monday the 18th and it came in the mail three days later! I was super excited about the fast & free shipping!

& this is what I came up with =)

I am in effin LOVE! seeing it in person makes me want everything monogrammed!

If you want anything Monogram check her out! She has everything! children's wall decals, car stickers, home decals, license plates, even cake carrier decals!! Great for birthdays! She has way too many things to name. It's all custom, so check her out ladies!

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            Monogram Everything

love love love!

rain boots!!! what!

I want this freakin hat!

I dont know what it is about the anchor but I love it!

Perfect for a bride and groom on their wedding!!!

If I ever have a girl, I want this to be exactly what I get for her crib, bumper and all!!!

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Since they decided to make me commit to something and not have all the kinks worked out first! smh get it together pinterest!

Monday, March 25, 2013

this weekend i...

Goals for last week ;

FantasticallyAverage3. PAY FOR MY GREEN CARD - I have it all post-aged up and ready to send out, I just can't bring myself to send it out!!! ahhhhhhh
4. SKIP MY JULEP FOR THIS MONTH - I DID NOT DO THIS> I saw the colors and fell in love!!!!! ahhhhh lol
5. DO A RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS - I was on my way to work yesterday and it was pouring down rain, I saw a man walking with like three shirts on but I know they were all soaked. So I turned into a walgreens, bought an umbrella, and went back to give it to him. I love this!!!
6. SIGN UP FOR THE GYM - My mom got me a free pass til the 31st! but I will sign up then. 

Goals for this week ;


2. CLEAN MY CAR - I need it detailed
3. GET A NEW WARDROBE - this is only if I get this job!!! I will be shopping for it on Thursday when I get paid!
4. PAY MY CREDIT CARD BILLS ON TIME - Even though I will probably use my credit card to shop for these new clothes LOL


this weekend I... didn't take many pictures, I know I'm a terrible blogger. lol I worked 3-11pm every night and the only thing I did do, was go out Saturday for my best friend Lindseys birthday..
 me with the birthday girls
 me and my hubby
this was too funny not to post, this is Joe and his brother after we left. 
 Oh you know first week of Spring & it's snowing here in Virginia...smh
can you see the face?? lol

Have a great Monday yall...
I can't wait for my interview tomorrow!!!!!


Sunday, March 24, 2013

I need some prayer!!!!

Lately I have really been dreading coming to work...
I hate working 3pm -11pm and I hate working 11pm - 7am and I hate working weekends!
If you have been reading, you know that I work every shift there is. (I work at a hotel) And I hate it.

I started last year around May. If anyone has worked in the hospitality business, you know that these kind of jobs have rotating doors. Other then two other people I have been here the longest. I'm actually very proud of that! I use to love this job, it kept me busy (during the summer) and it was a steady paycheck. But it went downhill during winter. When I volunteered to take two nights a week of overnight shift until they find a replacements. 

I thought it would be easy, considering that I can stay up real late any other time. lol yeah I know, I laugh at my self now. I don't know what I was thinking especially with Josiah. After a few weeks I told my boss that I couldn't do it anymore. But did that matter? Apparently not... It's been four months and every week for two days I don't sleep. Obviously that's not healthy...

Besides not being healthy,  it also is killing my relationships. Not only with Joe, but with Josiah, my family and friends.. Everyone.

I told my boss that I couldn't do it during the summer, so he needed to hire someone, and fast.. that's what he did.. LAST MONTH. She has had jobs before working just overnight shifts, and she has already been trained here to work over night, and the other shifts. But he still has her on every shift other then over night! -_-

I applied for other jobs this past Wednesday while I worked over  night shift. And I got an email Thursday morning at 8 AM telling me to come in for an interview. It's this coming Tuesday and I'm so nervous. It's for a veterinary receptionist. It can't be too much different then what I do now right?!! Well at this point I don't really care, it is right around the corner from my house, so I would be saving a shit ton of gas money. ( the hotel was about 30 minutes away on good traffic days)  I love animals. I don't want to be a hotel clerk for the rest of my life, right?

so now the problem I'm having is, my interview is on Tuesday. I may be over reacting and jumping the gun, (because obviously I don't have the job yet LOL) but I just can't help but to think about it! and I'm also still applying and sending my resume other places. Soooo If I do get hired on Tuesday..... my hotel has me scheduled up until April 7th! and basically I don't want piss anyone off by just quitting, BUT I also DON'T want to do that whole week of over night shift that he has me scheduled for!!!!! 

I need some prayer!!!
Saturday, March 23, 2013


So everyone knows by now that i'm this REVOLT meal plan and workin out hard ! So I just wanted to share a tip with y'all on "dieting" ...

Get More of the Green Stuff
While more cash is great, I'm actually talkin the leafy green vegetable lol... My favorite is baby spinach! I eat it all the time. I love it in my salads. Not every in this house is a fan of it, especially not Josiah. I even heard about filling up my pasta dishes with this. This way, you get to enjoy the meal but you'll be filling up on spinach and not carb-heavy pasta! I have yet to try this, but I will soon !
My other green friend is lettuce. I like to buy the big heads and use the crunchy hearts for salads. Those big, floppy outer leaves are my secret weapon for sandwiches and hotdogs.....instead of bread!

Who would have ever thought of this idea?!? Wrap them around some deli turkey with a dab of low fat honey mustard & a piece of cheese and you'll never go back to bread. And the fact that you are skipping carbs and will look great this summer isn't a bad either!

Now this past week on my revolt journey has been terrible!! I've gotten use to not eating the JUNK, the hard part for me is still planning and cooking the meals weekly, working and Josiah, take most of my time. yes, I have been hittin the gym like a crazy person and so far I'm actually at 155lbs. through this whole process I've gained one pound.I can kind of see fat disappearing from my back (also known as my back fat) BUT I still have a lot to lose, because my stomach is still there. I can't help but to think it's from the one bite I take a day of something I'm not suppose to be eating! Or that one meal I have to eat pizza because I'm at work with no dinner at 1 or 2 in the morning! BUT I know it's from lack of sleep and staying up and eating for about 48 hours straight. I can't wait until I get my normal hours back. I just want to eat and sleep normal again!

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Backthatazzup - Friday {New Outfit}

I'm doing great on my monthly budget. As far as clothes =)
I've been to the thrift store once, and into a retail store twice! (not for myself) & please excuse my hair, I will be dying it back blonde as soon as I find a reliable shop to do it!
So now check out my new outfit..

Jacket - $5 Thrifted
Dress - $2 Thrifted
Leggings - $2 on sale @ Charlotte Russe
Boots - $20 on sale @ Charlotte Russe
Watch - $10 Wal-Mart  

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 This wasn't very popular but back in the day this was my favorite song! you know bein like 16 thinkin that you were the shit and all .. thinkin that everyone wanted to taste your (BLEEP) ice cream! hahahaha 

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Thursday, March 21, 2013


I love soda.

With out a doubt, there’s nothing like a nice cold Pepsi Max to go with my chips and dip! .I also drink Diet Coke. I have had so many people for years ask me why I drink "diet" coke and not just regular... "oh your on a diet" ... but no I was never on a diet, I'm just addicted to the taste of Diet Coke with lemon! (seriously people, try it lol)

I have heard of the bad chemicals (aspartame) they put in it, but it's kind of like cigarettes. I know the bad is there but I still drink it and still smoke.

Now, I am drinking Sparkling ICE . This is basically naturally flavored mountain spring water with no caffeine or carbs or calories. I got it from my nearest 7/11

I don’t drink a lot of it, that's why I'm glad they come in bottles, because they usually last me a few days. Just as a soda can lasted me one day and a bottle of soda lasted much longer... I've also tried different flavors, but none are as bearable as the kiwi strawberry!

PS – I must confess that I haven't totally kicked the Pepsi max or the Diet Coke. But I drink a LOT less of it thanks to this. lol ;)

Are you a soda junkie, too? What’s your soda beverage of choice?

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013





I also wanted to mention that I want to do a giveaway as well for blog lovin... any ideas on what to give????... Would any lovely ladies take part?? let me know!!!

Healthy Snacks From Pinterest

Hello My lovely friends! 

I use to link up with the Vintage Apple a couple years back, and she has gone missing in the blogging world. SO! I want to continue to use this and run with it. Want to link up? Add that button on your side bar and put your link in the linky! 

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ipsy & Birchbox

The very best part of blogging is getting MAIL!

I love coming home to 2 boxes waiting for me to open like its Christmas!

This is my first time getting an Ipsy box, and I MUST SAY - I'm not very impressed.
&& If next month isn't better I'll be cutting it off for real...

Here is what I got ;
The only good thing that came from this package was the cute little sailor case, I WILL be using that as my new make-up bag LOL
 The travel lite Make- up remover wipes - They are good for on the go. 
I personally have my brand that I'll stick to from the dollar store & they pretty much work the same!  this brand actually made my face feel greasy! not a good look!

 I didn't get anything that told me what everything else was, I just had to take the time out of my busy schedule to go on ipsy and find out.. 

I got a GlamRx Mini Freestyle Palette - didn't know what this was until I looked it up on the site, but it's a magnetic eyeshadow holder, which explains  A LOT. 

Two eye shadows - that are actually great size and colors. not really my colors but I am trying to go outside of the "box" lately .. so I gave them a try!

and then I got some facial spray that didn't smell so nice. I tried it on my face, to "hydrate" and  it probably wont be anything that I buy, but thanks for the trial! 


now I have already gotten a box from Birchbox before and I will continue to unless I'm just that broke.. which I am but I'll act like I'm not for the sake of blogging haha

This is what I got ; 
Dry Shampoo - I have used other dry shampoos & I just don't like them period. this one also made my hair feel stiff and look greasy..but it smelt great! that was a plus!

Shave Cream - Usually I just use soap (dove unscented kind) but this was a nice change. It smelled nice =)

Caldrea Lotion - No 1, No 2, and No 3 - I was thinking that maybe I had to put all three on to one spot, and I really didn't know where else to try it on besides my face... so I did just that. Didn't really notice a difference but I also caked make up on afterwards.

Nail Polish stick-ons & Nail File - everyone knows my obsession with nail polish so this was a great box with this alone! I'll be showing it off this week!

 Do you get either of these ? What are your opinions, share your link!
Sunday, March 17, 2013

It's Monday Already?!

I'm at work, overnight shift, of course. I'm drinking my Monster, about to eat my salad and work out..Oh and then do some

FantasticallyAverageThis weeks goals ;

FIND MY GREEN CARD - I didn't find it, but I did find a copy, for my mom..Unless I want to stick with my dead-end stress-full for no reason job, I guess I have no choice but to pay for a new one..woopity doo
2. PAY MY CAR LOAN - I haven't gotten around to this, cause people owe me money, & it's not due til next week so this can be my goal for next week lol
3. PREP MEALS FOR THE WEEK - I was off last Monday thru Wednesday so I basically didn't prep my meals then but I still on track (sort of) and prepped my meals for Thursday thru Sunday 
4. CONTINUE MY REVOLT JOURNEY - I prepped my meals, I've been laying off Bread, chips, blah blah blah sticking to meat and veggies every day and eggs for breakfast or dinner.. and I worked out enough to make up for the days I was suppose to work out! (working overnight shift has this advantage!) but I still haven't lost much weight.
5. DO A RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS - I left some money on a vending machine...

Goals for next week ;

1. GET MY BUDGET PLAN BACK IN ORDER - i slipped up on doing my monthly budget I do when I'm at work but money is tight since having to pay for that green card. nothing too much just finding out what's due, and when, and yeah...ya know grown up stuff
 2.  PAY MY CAR LOAN & EVERY OTHER BILL DUE THIS WEEK - lol yes I need this reminder haha
 3. PAY FOR MY GREEN CARD - I keep putting it off, but I've got to do it... fuck it i'll take my loss, just like any other time bad luck seems to roll up on me!
4. SKIP MY JULEP FOR THIS MONTH - $20.00 for nail polish just isn't in the budget this month!
6. SIGN UP FOR THE GYM - yes although nail polish isn't in the budget, my working out is! I am determined to lose weight for the summer... so I can be in my two piece without shorts on!!!!!! plus it's only $20 a month. I can't wait to workout today! I think I might be addicted already, or would it be obsessed? hmmm


This weekend I... 

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hopefully GFC won't go anywhere but if it does, I'm ready!
found these glasses at Wal-Mart for $5! 
lol had to have them
I worked I drank 
(you see that healthy shit in the back tho right?!)

lol & that was my weekend.. 
Now it's Monday.. when I get off I'll have the day off with a shit ton to do. pay for green card, get mail out, call Busch Gardens to switch my card, sign Josiah up for Busch Gardens pass, get all my food prepped for the week(maybe a trip to cosco?), work out... i feel like I'm forgetting something.. ugh whatever ! Have a great day yall!