Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Blog Hops

Good Friday Ladies!

 I'm at work, and let me tell you what happened this morning! -_-
 I got into my first real car accident! 
well one that was "my fault". Basically what happened was, the car in front of me decided to slam on brakes and I ran into the back of him. Yes, my fault legally....BUT not really my fault. I was so shocked that I almost forgot to put the car into park before I jumped out!!!! THANK GOD it wasn't as bad as it could have been...No one was hurt and no cars were damaged, but I think I'm scared for life. I will never get close to another car!!!! I don't care what the situation is, I will from now on pay attention and stay as far back as I can! I did hit my head on the visor (lol) but I'm alright! I am really grateful that it wasn't worse. I was not ready for my insurance to go up MORE! 

Today is my boyfriends' brother's birthday. We were invited to a surprise get together. So I will be there tonight wearing one of my thrift store finds, that I'm very proud of!! I actually found a very decent thrift store and it's not where I live, it's in Williamsburg, where I work! A post will be up for that next week

last night I had to go to an AA meeting (forced through the court system) I was so nervous, but I made it! Ok, so it started at 5:30 and I had to be in my ASAP class by 7, so I did leave early but I read out loud a book that they handed me when I first walked in. I AM NOT A GREAT SPEAKER! I felt like all eyes were on me. and they were! It is very a awkward situation...considering that these people are in here to help each other through their hard times, trying to quit drinking. and me.. I'm in there kind of feeling like a mockery because I was forced to go because I got a DUI. Like, I don't drink on a daily basis, wouldn't even consider it.... and for me to be in there was just weird. 

well I'm out cause I have sooo much work to do. =|

 If your new around these parts, leave a comment! I'd love to hear from you  

I am certified!! yay thank you to Anne & Rea!





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