Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Monogram Everything!!

Since I've been blogging I've been seeing monograms everywhere. I didn't know what the big deal was but then I saw them on everything! I fell in love, esp when I saw it on cups. I figured since I'm going to be makin shakes and drinking tea a lot during the summer (and my ice coffee) I WANT a cute cup to drink them in!!!! So I went back and found a Ricci's blog posts to where she got her stuff from an etsy shop 

I went to her shop and boyyyyyy let me tell you.... it was monogram heaven! LOL I wanted one for my laptop, my car, plates, and even a bucket for Josiah's Easter basket!! But being on a budget I could only get my cup =P

I bought a cup on and I bought this DIY - Acrylic Tumbler Vinyl Kit from her etsy shop for $7.00 The kit includes one vine monogram with circle and 10-12 polka dots.

You get to choose the script of the letters (or words) and the dots. 

I ordered mine last Monday the 18th and it came in the mail three days later! I was super excited about the fast & free shipping!

& this is what I came up with =)

I am in effin LOVE! seeing it in person makes me want everything monogrammed!

If you want anything Monogram check her out! She has everything! children's wall decals, car stickers, home decals, license plates, even cake carrier decals!! Great for birthdays! She has way too many things to name. It's all custom, so check her out ladies!

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            Monogram Everything

love love love!

rain boots!!! what!

I want this freakin hat!

I dont know what it is about the anchor but I love it!

Perfect for a bride and groom on their wedding!!!

If I ever have a girl, I want this to be exactly what I get for her crib, bumper and all!!!

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Since they decided to make me commit to something and not have all the kinks worked out first! smh get it together pinterest!