Tuesday, March 5, 2013

"Green Card"

I was born in Germany, so I have a permanent resident card to live here in the U.S. Also known as a green card/alien card. No, I'm not an alien I promise....

"Green Card" 

(in the US) A permit allowing a foreign national to live and work permanently in the US.

My rant today - I lost the son of bitch! This made all the plans for anything extra this month impossible. It's $600 to replace. like, are you effin kidding me? AND! let me tell you how they GOT me! 

It said on the website $143.00 to replace your card so before I started it asked me to put in my card/billing information.. didn't think anything of it. I knew I was outback with 150.00 I can take that. So I began fill out all the information about where I'm from and my parents' names blah blah blah.. hit send and ... I have another step - to print and sign all the information I just filled out - ok that's cool...but then it also says to have all the documentations to send with it ; my driver's license, and a money order for $450.00.......

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR, who got time for all that?! It's not like it isn't valid anymore! I just miss-placed  it! Why on God's green earth do they need that much money to make another piece of plastic?!? I just don't get it =(

I looked at my bank account to make sure they didn't take out the $143, but they already did. 

They Got ME. 

SMFH I only need this thing right now because my mom needs a copy of it for her daycare..(since I live in the house) I know I lost it I should pay to get it back but seriously! at this time ? I just bought a new car! like really..... (there is my bad luck again)  

Thankfully she understands that money is tight right now, and even if I saved up to get it, it wouldn't come in the mail soon enough... hopefully I can find a copy of it from my case worker or DMV, for her to hold off until I find it (yeah right) or can pay the rest of the money.
alright enough ranting. holla 
Organized Chaos said...

I feel your pain! I am an American citizen living in South Africa. Everything I do in reference to America still has to be paid in dollars but I earn in Rand. My salary a month is $755 which is pretty good in South Africa! HOWEVER, I thought I lost my passport and was going to be charged $380 for a new one here! I about shat myself! It is ridiculous what they charge you!!! I feel your pain!