Sunday, March 24, 2013

I need some prayer!!!!

Lately I have really been dreading coming to work...
I hate working 3pm -11pm and I hate working 11pm - 7am and I hate working weekends!
If you have been reading, you know that I work every shift there is. (I work at a hotel) And I hate it.

I started last year around May. If anyone has worked in the hospitality business, you know that these kind of jobs have rotating doors. Other then two other people I have been here the longest. I'm actually very proud of that! I use to love this job, it kept me busy (during the summer) and it was a steady paycheck. But it went downhill during winter. When I volunteered to take two nights a week of overnight shift until they find a replacements. 

I thought it would be easy, considering that I can stay up real late any other time. lol yeah I know, I laugh at my self now. I don't know what I was thinking especially with Josiah. After a few weeks I told my boss that I couldn't do it anymore. But did that matter? Apparently not... It's been four months and every week for two days I don't sleep. Obviously that's not healthy...

Besides not being healthy,  it also is killing my relationships. Not only with Joe, but with Josiah, my family and friends.. Everyone.

I told my boss that I couldn't do it during the summer, so he needed to hire someone, and fast.. that's what he did.. LAST MONTH. She has had jobs before working just overnight shifts, and she has already been trained here to work over night, and the other shifts. But he still has her on every shift other then over night! -_-

I applied for other jobs this past Wednesday while I worked over  night shift. And I got an email Thursday morning at 8 AM telling me to come in for an interview. It's this coming Tuesday and I'm so nervous. It's for a veterinary receptionist. It can't be too much different then what I do now right?!! Well at this point I don't really care, it is right around the corner from my house, so I would be saving a shit ton of gas money. ( the hotel was about 30 minutes away on good traffic days)  I love animals. I don't want to be a hotel clerk for the rest of my life, right?

so now the problem I'm having is, my interview is on Tuesday. I may be over reacting and jumping the gun, (because obviously I don't have the job yet LOL) but I just can't help but to think about it! and I'm also still applying and sending my resume other places. Soooo If I do get hired on Tuesday..... my hotel has me scheduled up until April 7th! and basically I don't want piss anyone off by just quitting, BUT I also DON'T want to do that whole week of over night shift that he has me scheduled for!!!!! 

I need some prayer!!!
Angela said...

Sending prayers your way! You have to do what is right for you. You deserve to be happy in your career and life at the same time and if that means a new job, go for it :) My mom recently took a cut in pay for a job with less stress and more consistent hours (she was working at night and weekends even though she was only suppose to do her job 9 to 5) It has made all the difference!