Sunday, March 10, 2013

a Bunch of Nothin.. [Monday link-ups]

This weekend went by too damn fast. I had to work Friday and Saturday morning, Sunday night, and I just did too much of nothin.. I went out Friday night.. I let my phone die so I showed up almost two hours late to work on Saturday. when I got home I crashed from 8 pm until 9 am, then chilled and cleaned Sunday morning, then work again.  I'm just grateful for the next three days off.... even though I'm missing a day of my 40 hours, i'll be ok!! I need these 3 days to rejuvenate! I'll probably even have some scheduled posts up as well =) haha

FantasticallyAveragegoals for last week ;
1. FIND A PLACE TO SELL SOME ITEMS  - Didn't even have time, between work and looking for my green card, and spending time with family and working out.. whew .. I'm tired just thinking of it all! I'll just have a yard sell soon lol or put it on Craigslist.
2. PT JOB  - I wanted to look for a part time job, but that wasn't going to happen considering I need my "Green Card"  to work in the states, and of course with my luck... I lost it! yep! $600. my post to read more of my rant! in case you missed --- "Green Card"
3. STICK TO THE NEW REVOLT PLAN! - I will be blogging about my new revolt journey every Saturday, it's kicking my ass, let me tell you.... you can learn more and join revolt --->  here
4. GET BACK INTO COUPONING - I haven't had the money to go couponing, or really the time but I have cut out coupons when I get them.
DO A RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS - Didn't really go to any stores to do this, next week? =|

I won't even make any of them red or green. this week has been very hectic!

Goals for next week; 
1. FIND MY GREEN CARD - I'm praying it's just lost in my room somewhere, If I don't find it by Friday, I can kiss 600. goodbye!!!  &$&@&^&**&@$%@!@#&*(
2. PAY MY CAR LOAN - I have to do this and pick my tags from Virginia beach. for some reason I was under the impression that they were going to be mailed to ME.. here I am the day my dealers tags expire, still driving around with expired tags, and I have to drive all the way to VA beach to pick them up.. they better be lucky I'm off for the next three days!
3. PREP MEALS FOR THE WEEK - I had to work Saturday, slept on night Saturday night and worked on Sunday evening, there was no time to do much let alone go buy groceries and cook all the food. So I'm today that's what I'll be doing all day whoo hoo =)
4. CONTINUE MY REVOLT JOURNEY - I have to make this a goal every week, because I feel like I'm slipping! I already didn't do Saturdays workout.. and with everything going on, it's very stressful to do this and have my life, plus working full time..
5. DO A RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS - this will be a goal every time until further notice. =)

   these are just some easy goals, but hey I can't have big goals every week! lol

 this weekend I ....

 1// got nail mail from my step mom! I loved everything and I can't wait to paint my nails tonight after the gym =) 2// I worked every day, went out on Friday night. It was my boyfriend's brother, Adrian's birthday 3// tried to eat at buffalo wild wings Saturday night after work, until my son decides it is a good idea to sling a fork across the room.. i'll be posting about that tomorrow! SMFH but I slept the whole night until work the next day ..

well it was real ....
It's like my three day weekend right now! lol peace y'all