Monday, March 4, 2013

Week[end] Recap

goals for last week ; 

1. ASK MY BOSS ABOUT MY PROMOTION - alright..I DID NOT ask him about it, because this past week for some reason he has been on my ass about the littlest shit. So I wasn't even going to bring this up BUT I did over hear the [owner] discussing with someone over the phone the duties of the sales director and so... I took that as, he isn't even looking my way! I'll go more into details in a different post to update everyone. but til then I'll be looking still
2. WORKING OUT AT LEAST TWICE A WEEK - I did overnight shift Friday and Saturday, I damn sure did some squats, lunges, "skaters", up for 24 hours and still worked out!
3. GET MAIL OUT - finally, got the boxes and sent them out. better late then never right?
4. GET TO KNOW MY HOTEL & SURROUNDING AREA BETTER - alright, i admit it...i could really care less at this point! to be honest though, I've been working here for almost a year and I still never really know what these people are going to ask for, it's deifferent everyday. I looked at the Google maps one time,
5. START PREPARING FOR MY NEW MEAL PLAN - i have been driving myself effffffinn crazy trying to not eat any carbs! let me tell you! you can refer to the post below to understand a little more of what my meal planning is about.

5 for FIVE! how bout that! :)

goals for next week ;

1. FIND A PLACE TO SELL SOME ITEMS - I've always had a hard time doing this but in order for me to pay a bill, (without touching my very important little bit of savings) I really need to get rid of some nail polish and gently or never worn clothes! anybody have ANY suggestions?!!?
2. PT JOB - So one of my best friends, got a new part time job as a financial adviser, and duh I want to join! So I'll be getting more information on that later this week!! this is actually what I need some of the extra money for! it's 100 for a bg check lol
3. STICK TO THE NEW REVOLT PLAN! - if you didn't see yesterdays post about a new team I've joined... well... I think you should! HERE
 see, I'm drinking this now instead of soda but -----
 I find this in the fridge yesterday LOL my WEAKNESS!
4. GET BACK INTO COUPONING - My stepsister is in town the country, and of course she couldn't bring certain things through customs in the airport. So we had to make a stop at CVS... and let me tell how hard it was for me to let her walk out without using any coupons! I kept asking her if she wanted to wait, I could print her out some coupons LOL
5. DO AN RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS -  i'm going to keep doing this hoping for someone to leave me something generous as well one day! plus i think it's just better for me to be nice ;) I do believe in Karma!


this weekend  I....

My baby boy playing block ops lol  
 I made Chicken Taco Chili
My sister brought me these knitted tights back from Germany! They are so out of my norm.... but I loved it and they were so comfy!
 Painted my nails this beautiful color again by my girl Jenni on
 We went to lunch yes, that is chicken, shrimp, and veggies on my plate with WATER! 
can you believe this shit?!
I bought Josiah some new shades, I love them and he does to. He was doing ninja moves.
 Of course after a looooooooooooooooooong two days of fasting from carbs..... I drink this shit! I was informed they had a low carb one, so I picked that up for Saturday night
 It was yummy still!
& this is my little workout corner at work, I can see just about everything I need to from this little section LOL

1. Thursday, I went to my ASAP class.... next time I'm going to get a picture, (maybe) LOL when I go to this class i feel like I'm in high school again. As far as the different personalities in one room. not the gossip type of high school lol these ppl are hilarious. and the teacher is very uplifting!

 I did lie about going to an "AA meeting" I was nervous as hell because she asked us to read what they talked about out loud.. uhhhhhh "how they lost a lot from drinking, and how they are recovering" ?!?!? I should have known that would happen (just my damn luck I'd get caught up) I should have just went to the damn meeting! with that said I'm going to pick a class out for Wednesday night. maybe

2. I worked on Friday, was up from 8 am until 8 am Saturday. did some squats and shit at work. who cares if there are cameras everywhere....I guess the boss will just see me doing my squats! o_O

3. Saturday I went to sleep for a few minutes literally, I went grocery shopping and prepared some meals for the week. Also went to the thrift store and found a really cute simple dress for $5! post will be up soon for that. Oh yeah went to work, tired as a bitch drinking that low-carb Monster, did more squats, yeah buddy I'm gonna be ready for summer! ;)

4. I had off Sunday but of course, after working my second overnight shift I sleep in that day. Wasting pretty much my whole day. I did go to my friend Kim's house, where I visited my other other boyfriend Milo =)