Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Terrible 2's ...or is it 3's??!!!

Alright So I know I've told everyone that my son is bad... and if I haven't told you, I'm tellin you now! It really does drive me crazy that I can't even go into a store without him showing his ass, acting out, yelling, or throwing a tantrum. I thought his terrible two stage was over!!! But no.... I guess I heard right.. it lasts longer then age 2.

Saturday night we tried to go out to dinner, for my eat anything I want day, but Josiah had other plans! We were good, he was playin on his Ipad I thought that he was in a good mood, I'm trying to turn the wifi on for him ... 

then all of sudden I hear a (PING) and (GASPS)

I looked up and there was a little boy and his mom at the next table just looking around like what the hell just happened.. I don't even think they knew that he just slung a fork at them. I felt like everyone in the place was staring at me, so I said "I'm sooo sorry I think he just threw this fork over there".. They didn't even say anything to me like, 'it's okay'  or 'wow you need to check your child'.. NOTHING......... I'm pretty sure my face was blood shot red. Joe had went to the bathroom, so he wasn't around to help me figure out what to do. lol  I could have done somethin to him right there but I just slapped his hand & told him NO THROWING and asked the waitress to get my order to-go..

It was time definitely time to GO...

He of course threw a fit on the way to the car and the whole ride home, saying he didn't want to go home. I'm still curious to why he threw the fork in the first place.... Do you know what he told me??? 

"It wasn't his fork."


I should have gotten a picture of his cry baby face telling me that. We usually have a routine down packed, ya know... move every object on the table away from him right after we sit down.. but for some reason it didn't even dawn on me that Joe had opened this napkin filled with silver ware .. 

also i found a blog post about dining out while being a parent on another can  read it ---> here 

Unknown said...

We've all been there!!! I have 2 sons a 14 year old and a 9 year old. Unfortunately for both of them it was terrible all the way til about 5 years old :/ My daughter on the other hand was always a perfect angel... knock on wood LOL.