Saturday, March 23, 2013


So everyone knows by now that i'm this REVOLT meal plan and workin out hard ! So I just wanted to share a tip with y'all on "dieting" ...

Get More of the Green Stuff
While more cash is great, I'm actually talkin the leafy green vegetable lol... My favorite is baby spinach! I eat it all the time. I love it in my salads. Not every in this house is a fan of it, especially not Josiah. I even heard about filling up my pasta dishes with this. This way, you get to enjoy the meal but you'll be filling up on spinach and not carb-heavy pasta! I have yet to try this, but I will soon !
My other green friend is lettuce. I like to buy the big heads and use the crunchy hearts for salads. Those big, floppy outer leaves are my secret weapon for sandwiches and hotdogs.....instead of bread!

Who would have ever thought of this idea?!? Wrap them around some deli turkey with a dab of low fat honey mustard & a piece of cheese and you'll never go back to bread. And the fact that you are skipping carbs and will look great this summer isn't a bad either!

Now this past week on my revolt journey has been terrible!! I've gotten use to not eating the JUNK, the hard part for me is still planning and cooking the meals weekly, working and Josiah, take most of my time. yes, I have been hittin the gym like a crazy person and so far I'm actually at 155lbs. through this whole process I've gained one pound.I can kind of see fat disappearing from my back (also known as my back fat) BUT I still have a lot to lose, because my stomach is still there. I can't help but to think it's from the one bite I take a day of something I'm not suppose to be eating! Or that one meal I have to eat pizza because I'm at work with no dinner at 1 or 2 in the morning! BUT I know it's from lack of sleep and staying up and eating for about 48 hours straight. I can't wait until I get my normal hours back. I just want to eat and sleep normal again!

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