Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ipsy & Birchbox

The very best part of blogging is getting MAIL!

I love coming home to 2 boxes waiting for me to open like its Christmas!

This is my first time getting an Ipsy box, and I MUST SAY - I'm not very impressed.
&& If next month isn't better I'll be cutting it off for real...

Here is what I got ;
The only good thing that came from this package was the cute little sailor case, I WILL be using that as my new make-up bag LOL
 The travel lite Make- up remover wipes - They are good for on the go. 
I personally have my brand that I'll stick to from the dollar store & they pretty much work the same!  this brand actually made my face feel greasy! not a good look!

 I didn't get anything that told me what everything else was, I just had to take the time out of my busy schedule to go on ipsy and find out.. 

I got a GlamRx Mini Freestyle Palette - didn't know what this was until I looked it up on the site, but it's a magnetic eyeshadow holder, which explains  A LOT. 

Two eye shadows - that are actually great size and colors. not really my colors but I am trying to go outside of the "box" lately .. so I gave them a try!

and then I got some facial spray that didn't smell so nice. I tried it on my face, to "hydrate" and  it probably wont be anything that I buy, but thanks for the trial! 


now I have already gotten a box from Birchbox before and I will continue to unless I'm just that broke.. which I am but I'll act like I'm not for the sake of blogging haha

This is what I got ; 
Dry Shampoo - I have used other dry shampoos & I just don't like them period. this one also made my hair feel stiff and look greasy..but it smelt great! that was a plus!

Shave Cream - Usually I just use soap (dove unscented kind) but this was a nice change. It smelled nice =)

Caldrea Lotion - No 1, No 2, and No 3 - I was thinking that maybe I had to put all three on to one spot, and I really didn't know where else to try it on besides my face... so I did just that. Didn't really notice a difference but I also caked make up on afterwards.

Nail Polish stick-ons & Nail File - everyone knows my obsession with nail polish so this was a great box with this alone! I'll be showing it off this week!

 Do you get either of these ? What are your opinions, share your link!