Thursday, March 14, 2013

It's ok...I'm Thrifty

Its Ok Thursdays
I'm really loving that I'm getting the hang of this writing stuff. If I could actually sit and write everyday I would!! I have soooo many topics lined up, it's crazy.. in the beginning I think it was more just of something to do, now that I found a lot of inspiration for topics.. I can't pick when and how I want to post them!so for now they might all just clash together, and some days just be totally random =)

anyways, I haven't linked up with Amber for a while so here ya go, just a few confessions for the past couple days..haha

It's ok... that the pictures I took with my galaxy 3 (head shots) came out better then the pictures with my moms iphone (full body pictures)

It's ok..  that I bought this blazer from wally world... It was on sale for $5.00! who wouldn't?!

It's ok... that I took this waiting for Joe to get done at his new job interview! (im super excited about it, but he had me out there all day) ------>

and it is definitely ok.... that my hair was a hot mess ...ooops lol
[Madden Girl boots Joe bought me, originally $89.00 he bought them for $23.00]

[the shirt I got for $2.00 from a thrift store in Williamsburg] 

It's ok..  that I said I wasn't going to go into a department store and buy anything anymore but when I go for other people...I can't help it..It's like a drug. haha At least I'm thrifty cheap with it!! =)

It's ok... that I really haven't been eating like I should, because when I'm out or at work, there's nothing but junk food and I don't want it! So my calorie intake isn't has much as it should be. I been trying to eat little protein bars or shakes to fill in.. let's hope it works! 

its ok.. that these pictures are hilarious. ^^^^^^^   Joe took them lol I know that no one posts every picture they take but these were just too funny to not show y'all.. btw can you see his finger in every picture? hahahah ok.....

have a great day everyone!!

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Amanda Rosson said...

Hey girl, new follower here! Discovered you through the blog hop!! LOVE your blog and layout!! The colors perk me up and make me smile! I loved your "It's Okay.." post and seeing how thrifty you are! I'm always so proud of my thrifty finds too! Looking forward to more of your posts, lovely lady!

xx Amanda,

ShanaEmily said...

Love it! Loving your thrifty goods and cheap is good...haha Thanks for linking up!! Welcome to Thrifters Anonymous!!! Looking forward to many more of your finds and writing skills girl!