Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hi, My Name is Christin & I have a Secret

I'm addicting to shopping!

&this isn't even half of it
drawers full
 basket full
 most just chillin on my bed (im lazy)

it's a HOT MESS! & I definitely don't wear all that!

I have seen many pages for thrifting and budgeting so I think I'll do both!  I'm going to stay away from department stores from now on! Even if it kills me. I have to!
---I am going to turn myself into a budgeting fashonista!

Alright so I'm no fashonista. I can barely pick out my own clothes. LOL but I love seeing outfits on all these blogs, or pinterest, & it just makes me go even more GA GA when they say they went to thrift store to buy them! I think I have found one good deal at the thrift store.. and it wasn't even a thrift store. It was a damn yard sale! 

this Emilie M. purse cost me a dollar

On that note let's talk about the thrift stores here in Virginia. Maybe it's just the thrift stores in my area aren't good? Maybe I'm not looking hard enough or maybe I'm skipping things that just doesn't look like something I'd wear but it is the same thing you have on in that picture!  Either way, I need to stick to a budget as far as clothes. Whether I splurge on one pair of shoes, or thrift ten things.

I came across Franziska @ Franish  when I first started blogging and have been drawn back to her page through multiple blogs. She is pretty awesome! She has a monthly budget for her clothes.. and has a link up for it! So I'll be joining her at the end of every month to share what I bought and if I went over/under my budget!
I also will be linking up with Shana @ ColorBlind with the thrifters anonymous.

My budget will be $50.00 for now. I vow never to step into a department store (unless someone else is buying lol)

now check out these great pins of thrift store outfits!

Source: via Julia on Pinterest

Source: via Val on Pinterest