Thursday, March 21, 2013


I love soda.

With out a doubt, there’s nothing like a nice cold Pepsi Max to go with my chips and dip! .I also drink Diet Coke. I have had so many people for years ask me why I drink "diet" coke and not just regular... "oh your on a diet" ... but no I was never on a diet, I'm just addicted to the taste of Diet Coke with lemon! (seriously people, try it lol)

I have heard of the bad chemicals (aspartame) they put in it, but it's kind of like cigarettes. I know the bad is there but I still drink it and still smoke.

Now, I am drinking Sparkling ICE . This is basically naturally flavored mountain spring water with no caffeine or carbs or calories. I got it from my nearest 7/11

I don’t drink a lot of it, that's why I'm glad they come in bottles, because they usually last me a few days. Just as a soda can lasted me one day and a bottle of soda lasted much longer... I've also tried different flavors, but none are as bearable as the kiwi strawberry!

PS – I must confess that I haven't totally kicked the Pepsi max or the Diet Coke. But I drink a LOT less of it thanks to this. lol ;)

Are you a soda junkie, too? What’s your soda beverage of choice?

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KC @ genxfinance said...

There's something about sodas that just quenches your thirst. And yes, they go well with chips and dip.