Friday, May 31, 2013

Birchbox & Ispy


The deva curling system worked as much as I thought it would, the shampoo and conditioner didn't have a great smell but the gel smelt really good! 

The ISAAC MIZRAHI perfume was great! I love it so much I have to get a full size

I didn't really care for the CC cream... I just don't get it. Is it suppose to correct within one time or after time .. lol

Haven't used the vitamin capsules. I just haven't figured out where I really want to put oil...It says to put the vitamin oil on your face, before your make-up????!! uhhhh I'll pass on that one!! LOL

I used the chap stick daily, especially when I can't find my carmex or when I'm at work.. I actually can't believe it works. I usually can't use any other chap stick or lip stick other then carmex! 

I don't really like tea (unless it's McDonald's sweat tea), but I gave it a try - & I still don't like tea LOL 

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CONCEALER TO STICK WITH MY EYE SHADOWS FROM MY LAST BOX- It didn't really match my skin tone but it did conceal a pimple spot I had. & I had to put other make-up on top or it would have looked crazy.
The instant bronzer was no good!  =( I also tried it on my legs, they came out the same way... maybe I'm doing something wrong? I've seen girls on facebook actually searching for it?! 

The Mirabella lipstick was sheer and so suttle I actually loved it! 

I gave the roll- on perfume to a friend from work because I was just not in love with the smell. -__- I've heard of Gardenia before but never knew exactly what it was. It stinks to me lol

And last but certainly not least!! I loved the nail polish, Zoya is one of my favorite brands. I love the way it goes on and comes off!

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Well it's Friday and I'm at work, trying to deal with these guests. I had plans to go out this weekend.. but I am broke (thanks to my car payment and Julep lol) Maybe I'll still go somewhere just to dress up and say I did =) I also had planned to go to Zumba-fest tomorrow but I don't know how that is going to play out either. Which reminds me of the shoes I got this weekend that I have to show you all! 
 Thank you to my mommy!!!! I'm so in love with them, they are the most comfortable "tennis shoes" I've worn in a long time, I'm sorry, I mean EVER!!! They aren't cheap but I will definitely invest in a few more pairs of these! 


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