Monday, November 24, 2014

Weekly Wishes

Good morning!!! It's Monday and I'm off work! So I am not in the worst mood ever LOL I have another doctors appointment to go to today, because I will be 37 weeks this Wednesday!! ahhh Where is time going?!

The Nectar Collective

Last Week's Goals; 

1. CHRISTMAS WISH LIST - I will make a blog post this week!!
2. GET HOSTESS PACKET OUT// & MAKE THIRTY-ONE CLIP BOARDS - I have been bugging people to give me dates and people to invite, but I am done. I am tired of begging. And It just looks stupid on my part! I wish I had more friends that would order so I can get my goal of 1200 PV from December 1st through 15th BUT I know that's a lot to ask for. I'm going to continue to put as much time into my business as I can, without stressing myself out!! 
3. GET MY HOSPITAL BAG READY - I got it finished and a blog post will be up this week! 

Next week's goals - 

1. GET BLOG POSTS SCHEDULED FOR DECEMBER/ ASK PEOPLE TO TAKE OVER MY BLOG FOR SOME DAYS - Since I won't be blogging much in the month of December (and/or January too), I want to have as many scheduled old posts, and maybe some blogger friend take over my blog a couple days. 
2. GET CANDY MADE FOR JOSIAH'S "BREAKFAST WITH SANTA" - He is enrolled in a preschool program that I absolutely adore! They are having a "Breakfast with Santa", and although Josiah is terrified of the real life Santa I still wanted to put myself in to help! Hopefully I will get my camera and have plenty of nice pictures!!!! 

Clamshell Candy Chain  Reader Hallie Lowe of Cedar Park, Texas, sweetens her home's front entry with a string of super-sized treats, cleverly constructed from take-out containers.

3. GET DONATION FROM WORK FOR "BREAKFAST WITH SANTA" - My lovely boss said that he would donate cups and lids!! I'm hoping they will have an average amount of people before I leave work, and if it's low, he may donate more!! 
4. GET GUESSES ON WHEN BABY GIRL WILL BE HERE & WRITE A POST - I have some already and I am loving the guesses! hehe
5. DON'T SPEND TOO MUCH ON BLACK FRIDAY - I already know what I need/want for Christmas, but the question is do I need to buy it myself or is someone going to get it for me!!! 
6. START ON CHRISTMAS PRESENTS FOR FRIENDS - Well I planned on doing homemade everything, but I've been so lazy that I think I will just buy some cheap gifts. 

This weekend I.. 

 I was at the store and noticed my hand hurt to bend!!! I couldn't believe I was that swollen!!

 Josiah got a new Wii Mario Game from his daddy and the remote came in, he gets frustrated and then I tell him to turn it off LOL shoot! 
 We went to the Hampton Christmas Tree Lighting!!

 They had fake snow!! 

 Later that Me and Joe went to the movies to see Hunger Games! 

 Joe got me the Pandora Charm I wanted in memory of Baby Elijah (my miscarriage last year) I'm so in love, it is definitely my favorite charm! 
AND I'm doing it again for December!! I nee 6 friends to get a few orders for me! I have a goal to reach and I'm so close I can taste it!!! Please email me if you'd like to participate!! 

 Keep up with me & Let me know your here!