Sunday, January 6, 2013

its sunday....Single Sunday !

I'm at work. Hungover, hungry, & just plain bored and tired!

I went out last night with some girlfriends, because I recently just turned SINGLE
LOL For my friends it's no surprise, but most of you don't really know me all too well I have a "baby daddy" that I've been with for about 7 years. On & off, over & over & over, on & off It's been a long time coming but this time I just think I'm fed up! I want some to make me happy, not ignore me, cheat on me, leave me for days with no explanation, and the list goes on. I'm not really sure if I want to post every single thing (that could take up ten pages and y'all probably wouldn't even read it) lol I'm just gona go on to say....I want to be happy! & It's a new year to start fresh for me and my son! So with that said HELLO SINGLE WORLD... Nice to meet you again ! It's been a while! =)

leaving the house

 the infamous bathroom pic ;)

Yes I outdid myself! hahaha BUT Don't judge me !

I had fun but I think that might be the last time I actually go out, get dressed up & the whole cha bang. I'm getting too old for this! & my damn crazy work schedule doesn't make my life any easier......
Im at a blank ---- I'm so tired
I can't wait to eat my greasy favorite Chanellos Pizza and get this night over with! 

<3 Christin

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Niki said...

Thanks for the Liebster nomination! Here it is:

Perfectly Imperfekt Me, aka Maya D. said...

Hi Christin! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I appreciate the lovely comment, I'm following you back. You happen to be living in my hometown… I soooo miss VA, I could use a little cold weather right now.

Maya D