Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Caffe Borsa Giveaway

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Review by Daily Woman
Caffe Borsa was generous enough to send me a sample of their Hand Drip Premium Coffee. I received the Sumatra and Guatemala. I love the idea of being able to have a fresh brewed cup of coffee anytime. Personally in the morning I use my coffee maker because I drink more than one cup. Then in the evening time I like to have a cup after dinner Caffe Borsa is perfect. I just hang the bag on my favorite cup, cut the top of the bag off, heat up some water and pour into the bag. THAT'S IT. A FRESH BREWED cup of coffee. If you like you coffee stronger then just add less water. It is great for anyone that only drinks about one cup of coffee or for traveling or camping. Caffe Borsa serves the same purpose as the K-Cup without having to buy the machine. 

Sumatra-  Made with 100% single origin Sumatra mandehling Arabica coffee bean ground, dark flavor and rich aroma. Guatemala- Made with 100% single origin Guatemala Antigua Arabica coffee bean ground. Caffe Borsa recently launched a new campaign on Kickstarter to get preorders on their new flavored coffees, Mocha and Hazelnut featuring their new filtering system. At Caffe Borsa they are working hard everyday to bring you a easy, quick and efficient way to make you the best cup coffee ever.  I know alot of people prefer flavor coffee and if so check out the campaign. You can also find alot of information about Caffe Borsa and the way they make their coffee on Kickstarter. To  Learn More or Buy Now Click Here

Enter if you want a gift for christmas or any birthday coming up!

4 assorted flavors of Caffe Borsa premium single serve coffee 11/25-12/9 

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