Thursday, January 8, 2015


Amiliana Christin Bynom

What started off as an ordinary day, became the day that changed my life... again!

Here is my story! 

At 8 am, I woke up to some cramps in my lower stomach, but I didn't think anything of it.. So I went back to sleep until 30 minutes later I felt it again. I went down stairs for my normal day.

Josiah had a school Christmas play that he was in and I was determined to not miss it. I was on the couch having my cup of coffee getting Josiah ready and as I got up I felt the pain again. 

I didn't think it was normal but I didn't think I was in labor either. So I go upstairs to get dressed. I kept feeling the cramps. I started playing with my mom that I was in labor and today was the day... My mom said she was going to take Josiah across the street and we were going to the doctor. I told her no we are going to the play, that I didn't want Josiah to miss it. 

As the cramps starting getting closer, about 15 minutes apart at this point, I leaned over with my knees on the couch and felt so much relief. I knew then... I might really be in labor. BUT I still was determined to go to his play...LOL I was in denial. Until my mom finally just took Josiah across the street to the neighbors and told me to get in her truck. still in disbelief, I got all my hospital bags together, adding a few things, and got in my mom's truck. 

As we were on our way to the hospital my friend, Lindsey, said that we should go to the doctors first because if I wasn't dilated, the hospital would just turn me away.So we turned around and we went to the doctor office to get my dilation checked. But come to find out my doctor wasn't even there to check me! We had no choice but to go to the hospital. About half way to the hospital, I knew this was the real deal.. The pain was so bad! Contractions were about 5 minutes apart. At this point I get on the phone and call Joe to come to the hospital. 

When I got to the hospital at 10:30, the contractions were probably about 3 minutes apart. I tell them I'm in pain and that I need to pee. They get me a wheel chair and I think I peed my pants. Still feeling like I have to pee, they immediately wheel me to the back into a room that was like a waiting delivery room until a real delivery room became available. It was actually the room we looked at during the hospital tour. 

The nurse took me to the bathroom, and I sat down to pee... but instead I felt like I had to push. I saw blood and really started freaking out... She quickly helped me get up and laid me down on the bed. She called everyone, telling them it was time. In a matter of minutes, like 15 nurses and other people came into the room, and the nurse checked my dilation (which hurt like hell) She told me I was 8 cm. and there was no time for an epidural. Joe isn't here and my mom had to move the truck because she had parked in the front of the hospital. I was just like... "wait no one is going to be here to see this?!" As I said that my mom walked back in. 

Everyone cheered, "There's mom!". It was pretty relieving...
She stood beside my bed and it was THAT time. Joe was still on his way. And there wasn't even time to update my status on facebook, that it was time! I was waiting to say that the whole nine months I was pregnant! lol 

Since I was too late for an epidural, I had to sign a waiver. The nurse checked me again because the doctor hadn't come in yet. I'm still screaming "I need to push", but trying to wait for Joe to get there. She told me I could still get an epidural because I was still at 8cm. Right when she said that the doctor walked in, and said "No, If you can push through three contractions, she will be here."

I couldn't wait any longer, I had to push. I pushed about three times when in my ear, I hear a nurse coaching me to breathe and then push from the bottom. I knew I was doing it all wrong until I finally stopped screaming and listened to the nurse in my ear. 

At 11:14 I was done. She was here. In this crazy world just crying her pretty little eyes out.

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