Tuesday, February 13, 2018

No Mess Painting

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and I couldn't be more excited to have dinner with one of my best friends... But even more excited to share this with you!

My kids are going to get a little something from me ...maybe a teddy bear that we will donate in a few years and a box of chocolate. I only go out of my way to get cute valentine's for the kids class, not my own children. They are spoiled as it is.

Today I'm here to share my new found love of painting. WITH NO MESS. 

Yes I said it mothers. NO MESS PAINTING! 

Brilliant right?! 

All you need is:

First, if your paper size does not fit into the large Ziploc bag, cut the paper to fit.
Then put paint on your papers and insert into bag and then it's time to play! 

This is what it could look like when it is completely dry. Results may vary. ha!