Saturday, May 19, 2018

Weight Watchers 3 Point Bagels

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I recently just signed up for Weight Watchers, and if anyone knows me, knows that I love carbs. Bagels usually weren't even my thing until I found this amazing recipe from and I ran with it! 

Weight Watchers 
3 Point Bagels 

1 cup Fat Free Greek Yogurt (Chobani works great)
1 egg for egg wash 
Bagel topping (I used Badia, The Complete Seasoning)

4 servings (4 bagels) 

You'll start by pre-heating your oven to 350 degrees. Then mixing the two ingredients together in a large bowl. 

First and foremost before you touch the dough, you'll want to brush your hands with flour. You'll be sorry if you don't!

 The dough will start to form but will be very crumbly. Once formed you will knead and begin to separate into four equal pieces. 

Roll out the dough balls until you form a "rope" and pinch the ends to make a circle. Spray your pan with Pam (zero points)...

Add your egg wash and bagel toppings and place them in the oven for give or take about 25 minutes.

No one will ever know that you made these with non-fat Greek yogurt! You don't even taste it. These things are seriously amazing and I can't believe I have never tried them before now. I know you'll love them as well.

These are perfect to make in huge batches and freeze for later. 


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