Monday, December 24, 2012

5 for FIVE

Good Morning Ladies (& Gentlemen) ! 

Merry Christmas Eve!! 

So Today is Monday so I'm starting something new! From what I've seen, you basically give yourself 5 goals to finish in 5 days. So here we go! Linking up so you should too! =)

December 23rd-28th goals

1. Workout at Least 3 times!
I have tried this on many occasions and I can't seem to keep my motivation up! My mom bought a used treadmill the other day and I have already "walked" on it for ten minutes lol. Well let's see if the New Year will give me a 'power up'

2. Send out all 'Nail Mail' &/ Presents
Yes! I'm late! But working 6 days a week is an excuse right?!

3. Set a Budget Plan
I've had this idea in my head for a while now but reading others say it makes me more interested in DOING! hopefully that can be my motivation! 

4. Go grocery shopping with my cut out coupons !
I am always, always, always cutting coupons in my FREE TIME & never use them and go by the plan LOL this time I have to! We are on a budget

5. Clean my Room! 
basically putting my clothes and nail polish away! lol

Party of One 


Jenn said...

YAY! We are so excited that you've linked up with us for {5 for Five} you have the idea exactly right & I really hope you enjoy it!

You have some really great goals for the week ahead- allllll of which I need to do. Cleaning/budgeting/mailing- yep, need to do it all!

Good luck with your goals- I know you'll do great! I hope you'll link up with us next week & let us know how it went!

Thanks again for linking up!