Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Blessing to you!


What did you get this year?!? Or what did you give?!? I love giving So I have sent out so much mail it isn't even funny! I got my son, Josiah, about $500 worth of clothes and toys, my BF an xBox,  PJ's, and New Shirts. PHEW am I worn out here at work on this Christmas day! I'll gladly spend the day with my family, and work for double pay at night! hehe 

That's Hamptonality 

What I'm doing right now; Making cookies of course! A part of working Front Desk Clerk at Hampton Inn & Suites, we bake cookies every Sunday-Thursday! and today is...Tuesday! 

&& Here are just a few pictures from this morning =)
 Getting started, and he's ready!
 He loves Thomas the Train
 Nana, and Josiah

 Daddy and his PJ's (his face though lol)
 He was opening everyone else gifts, and trying to
 hand every a gift no matter whose name was on it.
 He is getting it in!
 The cats loved their catnip lol
The scooter was a gift from is Papa, 
but the battery didn't keep a charge so
 its not ride-able yet! 

along with jeans, leggings, nail polish I got THIS! ^ (IN LOVE)


May everyone be Blessed!