Sunday, December 23, 2012

What's inside your bag?

So I saw Ricci & AunieSause post about "What's in your bag", & since I'm currently in the process of giving my purse to a good friend who has wanted it for so long for Christmas (I'm so nice (&cheap)! haha) so I decided to post about mine! I'm linking up, you should too!

This purse cost me $1.00 at a yard sale! 
It's an Emilie M. bag, and I've had it for almost a year now & it hasn't let me down yet!


 coupons&notes, wallet, make-up, hand sanitizer, nail polish, glasses and contact cases, and toothbrushes from work!
when I emptied it all the way out, here's what was at the bottom, excluding lint and change hahaha
A Watch from Walmart, JC Penney buttons, lotion, combs, pens, and emery boards all from work! & Of course I have to have a snack in my purse!

&& Last but not least, I'm switching to this purse I got for Mother's Day used it a handful of times. Who knows I might even get a new one for Christmas?!

I also wanted to show you what I got in the mail today! 
25 empty nail polish bottles, china glaze, essie, a mini color club, and nail studs! I'm bored at work, I will probably post something by 6 a.m. =)
Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking up! I loooooove the Kathy Van Zeeland purse!

ricci said...

Thank you for linking up!! I love your post!!! And Kathy van Zeeland is one of my faves...I think I have 3 of her bags! :)