Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Julep *Bombshell*

I'm a bombshell!! 

Well to Julep, I am :P

I never really posted about the boxes I get from Julep every month, and since my blogging has been to a minimal, I figured this month would be a good time to start.

Don't know about Julep? Well it's nail polish founded by girlfriends. To celebrate these unique roots and to continue to pay it forward, we are proud to donate a percentage of proceeds from the sale of every Julep Nail Color to organizations that empower women.

Take the Julep Maven style quiz.

Discover your style profile.

& Congrats! You're a Maven!
Simple as that! 

 AND you get your first box for only one penny! 
The code - FREEBOX

I love this subscription because you can cancel or skip it at any time. You can also preview what your getting that month. If you don't like it you can change your style, send to a friend or skip the monthly completely! It's probably the best $19.99 I spend each month.

 You'll get up $50 worth of nail polish!



Sorry for the low quality cell phone pictures.. I need to make a light box to take my pictures, so with that being said look out for that post next week Wednesday! 

Most of the time I forget to preview my boxes and end up getting colors I really don't want, like Payton. But I have great friends who looooove nail polish just as much as me (if not more!) and collect them all! So we end up swapping, which in the end is all still worth it! 

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Unknown said...

I get bombshell too. I never preview my box either. I have so many cousins that love nail polish just as much as I do, so I know I can just pass it off to them. I didn't really like either of these colors. The green just isn't me and as much as I love bright colors that pink was just to pink.