Tuesday, June 18, 2013

This Weekend I...

Yes this post is late. But it will be posting "This Weekend I..." on Tuesday's from now on! So technically it isn't late! I figured I haven't wrote much lately so my new style of blogging will be to make shorter posts...and a lot more of them!!

  So this is what I did this weekend!!
Me and Joe took a trip to DC

The ride was nothing but traffic so we had a photoshoot =) 

We stayed at Hilton Arlington, pictures before our 20 mile walk!

 Coffee was soooo good

I rode the Metro for the first time.

We literally got lost in DC!

We walked for about 4 hours til we found a place to eat that was something that we both wanted and wouldn't break the bank! He had a huge fish sandwich, and mine was a southwest burger with rye bread, a fried egg and hold the mayo! We were stuffed!

 On our way back to the hotel .... beautiful! I love living next to so many great places!

I had a glass of wine before bed! 

& I have to say our trip back was even better! We took a scenic route * Tidewater Trail *
No traffic and he even got comfy while driving (LOL he only stuck his leg out for the picture) & we had our seat belts on! ;) 

You can find all or at least most of my pictures on my Instagram! So follow me! 

How was your weekend???

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