Monday, August 19, 2013

Thankful for my life right now!

Hey everyone, it's been a while. I really wanted to write a couple days ago while everything was happening, But I got caught up, didn't even have my laptop with me! 

Soooo let's start off with the good! 

My birthday was on Tuesday. I turned 26. whoo hoo. I went out for some drinks with my cousin and boyfriend right after work. Then had dinner reservations for a hibatchi grill. Well when I called to see if we could come in a little later, I was told they didn't have my reservation. I thought cool, ok, how busy can it be a on Tuesday ? I was wrong. The wait just to get a drink, we waited about 15 minutes before deciding to go somewhere else. 

We chose Outback Steakhouse. I'm actually quite happy that we did just chose a normal everyday place. lol My steak and veggies were off the chain! 

Filet was on point!
Fresh off work, grabbed a margarita!

So I had a few drinks that night, the next day I was on E already. I had to work, felt drained but I dealt with it. Thursday came around I was suppose to go to work but ended up feeling real sick early that morning ( not because I was hunger over) and called out. I knew something was wrong. And I'm glad I did call out. 

Even though I felt like something was wrong but I still tried to run errands. I had to get my tire plugged because of a nail. I made it home around 2pm & I started bleeding, to death. Literally.. I told you about my miscarriage a few weeks ago. And how they called it a missed miscarriage.. Well it was happening. 

I felt real weak to the point where every time I stood up I would feel my face getting hot, blurry vision and almost blackout. I went to the E.R. (smh) I have no insurance. I tried to hold off as long as I could but I just wanted an I.V. at this point and to get the hell out of there. 

That is exactly what they did. They said my blood level was still good and I should slow down bleeding soon. So I was discharged. 

The next day it started again around 1230pm. Bleeding through about 3 pads in 15 minutes. (TMI I know!) Feeling real weak again. I refused to go back to the E.R. where they would tell me the same damn thing they told me the day before! So I had a friend came over, and said "hey, you look pale in the face, let's go smoke a cigarette"

LMAO. just like that. haha


I hit the cigarette a few times, put it out to go to the bathroom and blacked out. Everyone was there, my mom freaking out , had my son freaking out. She called the Ambulance. sheeeshhh why! I don't have insurance. I rode to the E.R. I told them real fast, that I don't have insurance and I just want this to be a quick trip. In and out. 

The nurse came back and pretty much told me that she was glad I came in, that a normal persons blood level was at a 14 to 16 and mine was at 6. This wasn't going to be a "in and out" trip tonight... LIKE seriously. Could this week get any worse! To make this story shorter, I had to get an emergency D&C because of my "missed miscarriage" and then also a blood transfusion from losing so much blood. 

My friend brought up a good point... if I wouldn't have went to smoke that cigarette I wouldn't have went to the E.R. I could have bled to death that night. Thanks Lindsey for making me want to go out and smoke that cigarette.I could have died. 

I'm thankful to be here right now to say the least!

On another note I wanted to link-up to 5forFIVE but for some reason it's not letting me buttttt I got my watermark! I'm super excited even though it is time consuming from my phone, it's well worth it ! I'm so glad Jessica, my blog designer, made it for me =)

Have a great day!  

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